Thursday, 27 November 2014

Rugby Club Writing

Hello, I am going to explain what a Rugby Club is an why it is special to me.
A Rugby Club is a Facility that young boys and sometimes girls play the sport they love and old men go there to watch footy and to catch up with each other.

It is special because it rings back memories from when you were young and to look back at your club’s history. Also it is special because youngsters that were raised up in a Rugby Club are now League or Rugby Stars. Also because you can learn to be in a team with other people.

A Rugby Club is important because if you don’t know what Rugby is you could just go to a Rugby Club and watch Rugby or you could go in the club and learn about Rugby or look about history of Rugby and Information.

You could find a Rugby Club anywhere there are many of Rugby Club’s so it won’t be hard. It is also easy to find because our country is the best at Rugby so many young ones will be playing Rugby as well in Club’s.

So those are the reasons I think a Rugby Club is special. I hope this writing makes you think’s the same.