Monday, 30 September 2013

Finished watching My 2 Programs

Finished watching my 2 shows the Middle and Shortland Street. Shortland Street was crazy cause 1 of the actors died. Can't wait to watch the next episodes of both those programs.

Watching Dynamo magician Impossible

Now I am watching a program called Dynamo. Dynamo is a magician an his tricks are impossible. Dynamo is the best magician I know and after he does tricks he disappears he is incredible.

Playing Outside :-)

After Youthtown I went outside to play because I lie playing outside. I like playing outside because it is like your exercise and it helps you get fit. When I play outside I sometimes ride my scooter or I play with my Rugby ball.

Daylight saving is here :-)

Guys turn your clock forward because it is Daylight saving.
I am not used to waking up and losing a hour of sleep because I like sleeping but you have to turn your clock's forward if you don't you will get confused. Daylight saving is when it gets darker in the nights later and it gets lighter in the morning later.

Going on to Xtra Math to practise Maths :-)

I decided that I should do some Maths on Xtra Math because I haven't been doing Maths since school had ended so I am going to go on Xtra Maths.

The Middle a Comedy Show I like :D

The Middle is a program that I like because it is about a family and they are very funny. My favorite actor is the oldest son Axel but he is lazy. The Middle is a comedy show that's why they are funny.

Can't wait to watch Shortland Street :-)

Tonight I can't wait to watch one of my favorite program's it is Shortland Street it is a New Zealand program. Shortland Street is on every day but not weekends.

Competing in the Eating Competition

I was excited today because I heard at Youthtown there was going to be a Eating Competition. I wanted to compete in the Eating Competition so I went in it. First to eat was Marshmallows wit Tomato Sauce. It was yucky but I still ate it.Next we had Corn Flakes with mustard it was disgusting. Next we had Rice Bubbles, Cheese and the secret ingredient was Lemon Juice we didn't know that. I refused to eat it so I was out of the Challenge.

Building a fort at Youthtown

At Youthtown I built a fort with other boys. A fort is like a house you build but it is used for camping. It looks like a tent but it is not it was very fun building them.

Heading off to Youthtown

Going to Youthtown now so you guys later to tell you about myDay. Hope you guys have a good day Bye.

Got Change now doing my stuff

I have got changed now I am ging to brush my teeth and wash my face. After I do those things I will be going to Youthtown for the Holiday Programe.

Getting My Clothes Ready

Now I am going to get my clothes ready for my Holiday Programe. My Mum said that I have to wear somethig warm because I am starting to get a cold.

Watching Rugby replay

In the morning they always show replays of sports. I am watching the South African vs Australian Rugby game. It has just started the score is 3 nil.

Full of Breakfast :)

For Breakfast I had 2 eggs on toast and a nice Hot Chocolate so it can fill me up. Now I just finished eating I am full. So can't wait for Lunch.

Manawatu low score win over Taranaki

 The Manawatu ITM Cup team had a low scoring win over Taranaki. winning 12 -6 these 2 teams are the 2 bottom teams from both divisions but now with Taranaki losing they are now bottom of the table.

Watching TV :-)

In the morning I always watch T.V. I watch Disne Channel. My Favourite Programe on Disney Channel isLab Rats because there are 3 people who have special powers. There is one person who has special strength, fastness and smartness. Lab Rats is the show. Gonna get ready to watch it.

Hawthorn Retain the AFL

Hawthorn Hawks have retained the AFL winning against Fremantle Dockers. Fremantle have never won a AFL premiership. They were hoping that this year they could win it for the 1st time ever. But Hawthorn was to good coming into the game as favourites and still retaining the AFL Champoinship.

Hawkes Bay big win over North Habour

Hawkes Bay ITM Cup team has had a big win over North Habour winning 65 points to 10 which is the biggest win this year. Hawkes Bay came into the game as underdogs which changed around to North Habour to be Underdogs.

Looking forward to Youthtown

Today I am going to my Holiday Programe in Panmure it is called Youthtown. Today the theme at Youthtown is Camping so we will learn and draw stuff about camping. I am looking forward to going Youthtown.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

New Zealand Got Talent Retell

New Zealand Got Talent tonight was good. But there was bad parts and good parts of the show. There were a lot of young entertainers that were good. My favorite tonight was MDM which were 3 brothers singing they sang When I was your Man by Bruno Mars they were amazing and inspiring singers. There were some people who were on New Zealand Got Talent last year and also 1 singer from X Factor that was on last year coming to New Zealand Got Talent.  On the show there were a few Magician that were very good.

Ready to Watch New Zealand Got Talent

Ready to watch New Zealand Got Talent saw the first group 50/50 they are dances and they are of Indian culture they are good dances.

Finished Eating Dinner ready for some Desert

My Diner was nice because we were having Fish and Chips from the Fish and Chips shop on Harris Road Mt Wellington. I had 2 fish and Chip Sandwaches. 

When I finished dinner I went for a shower now I am getting ready for desert it is going to be a Peanut Slab Chocolate Yummy Yummy. 

Fulltime Counties Manukau vs Bay of Plenty

Counties Manukau has had a close win against Bay of Plenty wining by only 1 point. The score was 31 points to 30 so Counties Manukau was very  lucky.

Halftime Counties Manukau vs Bay of Plenty

The Counties Manukau ITM Cup team are playing Bay of Plenty it is not a Rainfurly Shield match. The next Rainfurly Shield match that Counties Manukau are having is against Southland. Counties Manukau wining 15 points to 10 in the 1st half.

Fulltime Argentina vs All Blacks

The All Black have beaten the Argentina side winning 33 points to 15. All Blacks having a bonus point win scoring 4 tries. All Blacks coming 1st on he ladder for the Rugby Championship 5 points away from South frica who we are playing next week.

Halftime Argentina vs All Blacks

It is Halftime in Argentina, All Blacks winning 11 points to 9. Bit of a boring game mostly all the point have come from penalties. Julian Savea scored a perfect try near the side line. Hoping the All Blacks can score tries in the 2nd Half.

ITM Cup Canterbury vs Auckland Final Score

The Auckland ITM Cup team had had a good win over Canterbury. Auckland broke their 7 year drought against Canterbury winning 39 points to 19. Later on in the 2nd Half Auckland was winning 32 nil. Auckland still carried on with a good win.

Holden Cup Under 20's Grand Final :-)

The Under 20's Grand Final has ben selected. The Under 20's Panthers will being playing in he Final against the Warriors. Penrith made it in he Final after winning against the top of the table. Canberra Raiders. GO THE WARRIORS!!!

Waiting for the All Blacks game

The All Black and Argentina game is not far away. All Blacks are playing over at Argentina. Argentina might have the adavantage over there with all their supporters. Hoping the All Blacks win. GO THE ALL BLACKS!!!

Spirngboks vs Wallabies Final Score

Springboks have beaten the Wallabies by 20 points winning 28 points to 8. But the Wallabies scored in the 79th minute just scoring before full time. This is Wallabies worst season since 1942 only winning 1 game and losing 4 games.

Springbooks vs Wallabies Headlines

The South African Springboks are playing against the Australian Wallabies. Both teams are 2nd and 3rd place in the world rankings for Rugby. The Score now is 23 -3 to South Africa with only 10 minutes left until fulltime so I say that Springbooks have won.

Big loss to Knights

The Roosters have had a good win against the Knights winning 40 - 14 which is a big score. So the Roosters will be heading in to the NRL Grand Final with the Manly Sea Eagles. I am picking the Manly Seas Eagles to win.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Terrible collpase in Christchurch

I have just heard on the news that a Hotel in Christchurch has collpased. Some people were doing something on it and suddenly it collpased.

Waiting for another NRL Semi Final :)

The NRL 2013 season is almopst ending only waiting for 1 more Semi Final the Sydney Roosters playing the Newcastle Knights. The Knights come into the game as favourite coming from 7th place at the end of the year making it into the Grand Final. Roosters have as having the minor premeship finishing as 1st place. I want the Knights to win because they are the under dogs.


I am looking forward to going to my Youthtown Holiday programe because we are going to have some fun activities and also going on some fun trips. There are some days were we stay at Youthtown and some days that we go on trips. This Holidays it is mostly staying at Youthtown but their is going to be a topic you have to dress as. I am looking forward to my Holidays.

Riding with my Dad and his friends

Today was a very fun day because I went riding with My Dad and his friends on the motorbike. First in the morning we went out to the Otara fleemarket to have Breakfast the Breakfast was nice. When we were in the fleemarket we saw a freestyler rapper rapping. My Dad told him to rap about my Rugby League club Otahuhu Leopards he was an amazing freestyler rapper. After the fleemarket we went nearly up to the North Island but we went to Puhoi, Puhoi is famous for making cheese. During our ride I was freaking out because we were riding right next to steep hills. It was a long ride, when we were in Puhoi we had lunch there I had wedges and Hot Chips they were yummy. Finally we were heading back to Auckland but we were going to go ride out to the Auckland Waterfront and get a Ice Cream from the Ice Cream shop there. When we got there I couldn't wait to eat my Ice Cream. I had a 2 scoop Ice Cream the 2 flavours were Chocolate and Strawberry my favourite. After our Ice Creams we went back home. What a day long riding and lots of eating. 

Rabbitohs season ended

My favourite NRL team the South Sydney Rabbitohs had a shock lost against the Manly Sea Eagles. Rabbitohs had the advantage winning 14-0 in the 1st half. But Manly was to strong in the 2nd half winning 30 - 20. Manly are in the final for the NRL playing the winners out of Sydney Rossters and Newcastle Knights. Hark Luck Rabbitohs.

Junior Warriors big win.

Junior Warriors had a high scoring win over the Junior Bulldogs winning 58 points to 36. Junior Warriors are now in the final. The Winer out of the Canberra Raiders and Penrith Panther with play the Warriors. Hope the Warriors win their 4th final.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Junior Warriors road to the Final!!!

I hope that the Junior Warriors beat the Under 20's Bulldogs in 1 of the Semi Finals for the Holden Cup. Junior Warriors are coming in as favourites to win the game because seeing their massive win against Under 20 Roosters, that win made the Bulldogs nevous coming in to the game. Hope the Junior Warriors win so they can have another chance in the Final. GO THE JUNIOR WARRIORS!!!

Duffy Theatre

I am looking forward for the Duffy Theatre because we are going to see a live show and getting entertained about reading.

On the 23rd of September straight after morning tea we were having a exciting Duffy Theatre in our school hall. Most of the school have seen a Duffy Theatre because the Duffy Theatre has been to our school before. The Duffy Theatre shows us things and facts about reading and also experiencing live acting because most of us haven't seen live acting before.

The play that the people were going to do was Duffy loses his words. The characters in the play was Mafi, Duffy, Scruffy and Vatras. Vatras is a evil guy who appeared in Duffys dreams and Vatras out a curse on Duffy. Vatras curse on Duffy was stealing Duffys words for the speech competition. Vatras left Duffy without any words to remember for his speech and Duffy was horrified. When Duffy woke up the next morning he totally forgot his words and got his friend Afi to help him. Afi was trying to help Duffy with any other way she could but they didn’t find a way to get Duffys words back they were trying and trying and trying and didn’t know any other way. Vatras left a message and told Duffy to say his name 3 times and he will appear to Duffy, So Duffy called Vatras name 3 times and Vatras appeared to Duffy. Afi said to Vatras that they were going to have a crossword battle. Afi was confident but Duffy wasn’t Afi said “ You can do this Duffy”. Vatras was keen to have a battle and Duffy then agreed. Vatras was saying questions to Duffy and Duffy had to get the answer right. Duffy was going quite well but at the end he was confused he wrote the words in Maori.
After they finished their show we could ask them some questions Vatras was NZ European from Rotoroa, Afi was Full Samoan from Otara and Duffy was Samoan from Mangere.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kids 4 Kids Yay

Finally I am so excited because we are going to practise for the Kids for Kids, it is going to be fun”

On the 13th of September my class were going to attend the Kids for Kids rehearsal. There were going to be the rest of the schools that were going to perform in the night session. We went to the Life Convention Centre to rehearse for it. We went on a bus to the Life Convention Centre that was the only transport we could go on. I was excited because I had never been to the Life Convention Centre so I was looking forward to going there. We were rehearsing for it because there was going to be a night session as well and that was going to be the real one. There were a lot of schools there , there were about 15 schools most of the students were Year 5 and 6.

When we got there a lady called Dayna escorted us into the Convention Centre, she also told us where to sit so we would know where to sit in the night session. I was sitting in row 2 on the wooden seating which were wobbly. We saw Mrs Carter with Sancta Maria School, Mrs Carter teachers our school and Sancta Maria as well.  

Nathan King and Jackie Clarke were there because they were going to sing with us, also there was another guy called Chris, he gave us actions to do during the songs and to play the piano. Chris also told us to wear some bright coloured clothes and to wear some clothes that will not make us feel hot because there will be a lot of lights and the lights will reflect on us and it will be hot. The first song we sang with Nathan was Haere Mai and it was kind of easy because we have been practising for a while on that song. Chris gave us different actions and movements to Six Months In a Leaky Boat because in my class we have different movements and actions.  

We were very confident singing most of the songs that showed that all of the students practised hard. While we had our morning tea break the soloists went to audition. We had 1 soloist that made it through it was Rosalina she made it in to sing solo for Weather with you and she was amazing. The first solo song we sang was Maybe Tomorrow the soloists were from the same schools they must be good singers at their school. After the soloists finished singing their songs we sang. The most confident song that we sang was Something in the Water, it is also a famous song from Brooke Fraser it is very famous in New Zealand. After Something in the Water we sang Wonky Donkey but it was normally not us it was the Narrator. Chris was playing the Piano for Wonky Donkey, he was playing it faster, faster and faster.  

When Kanesini went to audition for the Ukulele player she got the chords to play and she had already had practise it in class and with Mrs Carter in music time. When we were going to sing Poi E Chris got some girls to do the Poi and just 2 boys that would break dance. My Favourite song in the Rehearsal was Selfish Shellfish because I was singing loud and proud to it. After the rehearsal was finished we went back to school on the bus.

When we got to school we got to have extra time of playing because we didn’t make it to play at big lunch.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Pinata Making!!!

In my class this term we are starting to make Pinatas. Pinata is an item that you can use at parties or special celebrations. Pinatas were invented in Mexico in the 14th Century. Pinatas can be shown and designed into whatever you want it to be. In my class we are going to make a Pinata and pop it. First we need to put a lot of layers of paper on the balloon so the Pinata will be hard and solid. I am doing a Pinata with a partner, my partner is Misiote, we have done about 5 or 6 layers, we are aiming to the point of 8 layers so it can be hard and solid. We want to make it hard because when someone hits the pinata the pinata doesn’t pop straight away. I am looking forward for our Pinata to get finished and decorated.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Duffy Assembly

I was looking forward to the Duffy Assembly because  there was going to be a special guest. When we all were seated Mr Coackley came in with the special guest. Our Duffy guest was Nathan Grey. Nathan Grey could speak a lot of languages. Nathan Grey likes traveling and telling stuff about his traveling he traveled the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is very long the people who made the wall took over 2 thousand years to build it. Nathan Grey was a good guest because he told us a lot of information  about other countries.


                        Matthew 25: 36

Physical well being- Having a healthy body.

Social well being- Having your family and friends support.

Mental- To be able to tell someone how you feel.

Spiritual well being- Believing in God and follow God’s values.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Kids 4 Kids Yay

I was looking forward because we were having our Kids 4 Kids rehearsal at the Life Convention Centre in Mangere. There was going to be 15 schools to attend to the rehearsal and to organise where we were going to be seated. There were 4 soloists from our school to audition for some of the songs. The stage could fit just the same amount of all the students who came. Jackie Clarke and Nathan King were there because they were going to help us with the songs and singing. Chris was also there to help us with the songs and add some actions and movements. We all were confident in singing the songs. During our Morning Tea break we had our 4 soloists to go and sing with Jackie and Nathan. The Kids for Kids rehearsal showed that we practised the songs very well because we knew the songs off by heart and that was good.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Filming Reflection

Our Films that we have been working on and filming is going to be shown at the movies and in the Manaiakalani film festival. In my class we got into groups and started filming it and organising the film on a storyboard, the theme for our movie is Success. The Manaiakalani Film Festival is when schools in the Tamaki area create films that have to be 3 minutes or lower, if the films are over 3 minutes the rest of the film will be cut off and won’t be shown in the Festival.

The things that we are showing in Success is having success in Sport, Music, Academic and Achieving Goals. The Director in each group was like the Boss organising the film, where it was going to be set and what was going to happen in the film. In my film we had 4 students, 1 teacher and 1 teacher Aide. The Main Character in my group was the Teacher because he was telling the students to finish our work on time.

Some of the groups filmed on their own and some filmed with the Teacher. The Camera Operator in my group was the Teacher because she was helping us and she filmed it. After our film finished the Director in my group went with the Teacher and went and edited the movie. They had to check for any mistakes and discuss if they could make the filming better. We put some words at the bottom to say what was happening.

The order of the Movie was the Goals first the Academic second the Music third and the Sport last and then the ways how to celebrate Success.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Maths Reflection

In Maths today I was learning to describe fractions and to put fractions from biggest to smallest on Studyladder. This is 1 of 3 Maths programmes I use in my class. Studyladder helps me do fractions and any other Maths also I play maths games that help me. Maths is a very handy and useful subject because it can help you when you are spending and given money. I like Maths because there are all sorts of Maths you can learn like fractions, Geometry, Numbers and Graphs. I am on Stage 6 for fractions, Stage 5 for numbers and level 4 for geometry.  I am in the top group for Fractions with 2 other students.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

St Pius Feast Day Recount

“Finally St Pius X feast has come I am looking forward to the exciting day that is going to be happening”.

On a very wet Friday morning we were celebrating the feast day of St Pius X who our school is named after. Instead of having prayers in class we had a beautiful mass for the feast day of St Pius X. His proper feast day is on Wednesday 21st of August but instead we celebrated it later. Our mass we had was very peaceful because we all participated in the mass well and I liked the songs we had to sing. There were a few parents there to come into the church to watch the mass, it was very cool that the parents could come and support us in our mass. In the mass we were learning about St Pius X’s life and how he was elected Pope. We also learnt that Pius was very poor and he was as the Saint of the Eucharist. It was awesome learning about St Pius X, he was a very great man that cared for the poor people.

After the beautiful mass we went in the hall to have something special to eat, the thing was cake, it was Banana cake with cream. Father came in the hall as well to have some cake with us. When they went to cut the cake some of the Year 8 girls cut it and then gave the cake out to us. After we had the cake we had morning tea.

Straight after Morning Tea we had to go to the hall for a fun concert. When we were all in the hall Room 1 and 2 started us off with a lovely song of there’s. I couldn’t wait for our turn because we were practising in class and with Miss Carter our Music teacher. We sang 2 songs that we were singing at our Kids 4 Kids concert we were singing Haere Mai and Something in the water we had 2 soloists to sing both songs the soloist for Haere Mai was Ezra and the soloist for Something in the water was Tokilupe. After we sang our both songs Room 6 sang a Tongan song called Mali Mali mai it was a cool song because everyone sang to the song even some teachers sang to it. The Room 7 presented us a song that the Year 8’s last year wrote the song was called Happy and there was a little rap in it as well. My favourite song in the concert was Room 5’s song called Paradise. Then after they finished the song we went back to class. 

After Lunch we had to go into the hall again because we had a special guest coming to teach us about an interesting instrument it was called a Euphonium it was a big, heavy and very expensive instrument. The Lady that bought the instrument was Linda Miss Logan’s daughter’s friend. Linda takes lessons for other instruments to not just the Euphonium. After she talked about the Euphonium she played some notes on the Euphonium she can play fast notes that was cool. Linda was the first Tongan lady to play the Euphonium. Linda got a volunteer the volunteer was Leone Linda showed Leone a note that she could play fast and how to hold the Euphonium and Linda told him to blow through the Euphonium and Leone tried the first time and he couldn’t but the second time he blow through it and the sound was loud. At the end Room 7 and the school sang a beautiful song to Linda to say goodbye and we also had a photo with her. After the photo with Linda we went out to the courts for the exciting Basketball tournament that the Te Rangatira group organised for us. 

I was so nervous about the Basketball tournament. The first game was Keas and Tuis. Tuis won the best part of the game was when 1 of the Keas players shooted the ball in the hoop Isaiah from the Tuis did a block it was cool. But the Tuis won 7 points to 1. The next game was my houses team Geckos vs Kiwis Geckos had heaps of tall players and skillful players. Geckos were getting heaps of goals in and the Kiwis were getting no goals. There was 1 goal when Sione Dale was behind the 3 point line and he went to shoot and he got a 3 pointer that was an amazing shoot from Sione Dale, Sione Dale scored heaps of goals he did layups and 3 pointers. I was happy because the Geckos had thrashed the Kiwis 13 points to 0 that was a good game for the Geckos. We just made the rain because after the Basketball tournament it started raining. My favourite thing on the Feast day was the Basketball tournament because my house thrashed the Kiwis and my 2 friends participated in the Basketball tournament too those 2 friends were Justin Tyler and Misiotei I wanted to participate in the Basketball tournament 2 because I like Basketball a lot because I watch it on Television and I play it at Youthtown my after school programme and at home with my friends and my Dad for a workout and to get fit. 

It was a fun St Pius X feast day with visitors coming, having a beautiful mass and a Amazing Basketball Tournament. The Best part about the Feast day was the Basketball tournament because the teams were very entertaining for the people watching. I learnt new things from the visitor and saw a new instrument that I have never seen before and heard some lovely live music which was in good tune . The songs that we sang at the concert are going to be performed again at our exciting Jam Bus that will be coming to our school to record all the songs that got performed at our St Pius X Feast day concert. I am looking forward to it because it is going to be exciting and all of our songs will be on a CD that would be given to us to remember the songs.