Thursday, 24 March 2016

How others see me?

In this presentation it explains how others see me and also how I see myself. I hope you enjoy!!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend's Day

Learn: WRITING FOCUS:   To write a explanation/description  of your Soul Friend.
  • To use interesting words in your writing.
  • To ensure your writing make sense.
  • To ensure you use punctuation correctly.

Today was our Soul Friend’s Mass. In our school we have Soul Friends which is a friendship between two people one older and one younger. We were introduced to Soul Friends by the Holy Faith Sisters who started our school.

My Soul Friend is Maraia and she is in Room 1. She loves Maths and also Loves Reading. She is my reading buddy and I hope to be a role model to her by encouraging her to do the best she can.  

To me having a Soul Friend is like having another little brother and sister or having a bigger brother and sister. I say this because if we are feeling down or unsure of something we can go to them for support and comfort.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Story of Fr Francis Vernon Douglas

I am showing you that I can retell something by reading it and using my own words to retell it.

Father Douglas was really good at sports particularly good at Boxing, Cricket, Rugby and Handball. After he left school he worked for a year in the Post Office and later on went to study for the priesthood. Later on in 1938 he set sail for the Philippines and arrived in his new parish Pililla.

Late in 1941 the Japanese army invaded the Philippines and the Philippines became involved with the second world war. Father Douglas had plenty of time to leave but he was loyal to his people and chose to stay with his people during the terrifying time. The Japanese took Father Douglas because they thought that he was a spy and often was interrogated.

After Guerilla raids in 1943 Father Douglas was arrested by the soldiers, beaten and tied to a pillar in the church and he was left there for three days. A wooden slab was put across his middle and the soldiers would jump up and down on him. They thought by taunting Father Douglas that he would reveal where the guerillas would be. But Father Douglas wouldn’t say a word. The Japanese put Father Douglas’ body inside a military truck. When the truck returned Father Douglas was missing. His body was never found, they believed he died on 10 July 1943. He was only 33.

NRL First Week Review- Home Writing Journal

I am showing you that I can use good vocabulary in my writing.
NRL First Weekend Review:

The NRL season kicked off on Thursday with the newly looked Eels up against the 2015 finalists the Broncos. Broncos were victorious with a 17-4 win over the Eels. The only game on Friday saw the Sea Eagles facing the Bulldogs. The Sea Eagles dominated the whole game and thumped the Bulldogs 28-6.

Saturday would see the Raiders against the Panthers for the first of three games which the Raiders won in such a close game. The game all of New Zealand were looking forward to, the Warriors against the Tigers. The Tigers dominated the first half and were leading 28-4 at the break. The Warriors came back with back to back tries to close the lead to 2 and the score was now 28-26. With at least 2 minutes left the ball suddenly went into the hands of Tigers fullback James Tedesco where he went off for the winning try. The Tigers won 34-26. Then the last game of the 3 saw the Cowboys against the Sharks. That was also a really close game which the defending champions the Cowboys won 20-14.

The rival Sydney clubs faced off where unexpectedly the Rabbitohs led the Roosters 26-0 at Halftime and later on finished the game to go victorious 42-10. The last game on Sunday was between the Titans and the Knights which the Titans won 30-12. Then the last game of the first week of the NRL saw the Melbourne Storm play the Dragons which was a nail bitter which the Storm won in the dying minutes to a try to Kenny Bromwich 18-16.

The First week of the NRL was a awesome week to start the new season.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Mr Archibald- Structure of a Narrative Writing

I am showing you that I can Identify the structure of a Narrative by using the text I read
Text: Mr Archibald
Personal Comment: I really enjoyed this book because it is explains a typical Father Son relationship. 
Where did it take place: When did it happened:  Who is in the story?

Who? Edward, Edward’s Dad and  Mr Archibald (The shopkeeper)

Where? This took place outside of Mr Archibald’s shop/store.


COMPLICATION - What is the problem?

Edward is frustrated with his Dad because his Dad wouldn’t sign him up with the Army to fight.

SEQUENCE OF EVENT - Plot -  What happened in sequence?  You can bullet point the main events.

  1. Edward kicks the gravel ground and walks off because he is fed up with his Dad.
  2. Edward walked past Mr Archibald’s store where Mr Archibald realised that Edward was angry at something or someone.
  3. Edward said to Mr Archibald that his Dad was a coward.
  4. Mr Archibald told Edward a story about the Boer War which Edward’s father and Mr Archibald were in.
  5. Mr Archibald sad that it’s hard to think about the war and to think that he and Edward’s father were considered murderers.
  6. Edward was appreciated by the message Mr Archibald told him.
RESOLUTION - How was the problem solved?

Edward realised that his father wasn’t a coward and was very brave with what he done during his life and Edward was proud with his Dad’s role in the Army.


Edward thanked Mr Archibald for telling him his story then later walked back home.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Sports Day- Structure of a Narrative

I am posting this because I am showing you the evidence that I am able to Identify the Structure of a Narrative Writing by using the text I read.

Story: Sports Day
Task: To identify the structure of the narrative story.

ORIENTATION - Where, When, Who

When: The story began when she woke up in the morning.

Who: Grace and her Mum where the characters in this story. During the sports day there were 3 more characters Mrs Miller, Justin and Emma.  Also some of the kids who were involved with their sports day.

Where: The Story took place firstly in her house. Later on she had arrived at school for her sports day and was on the school field.  

COMPLICATION - What is it?
No one actually thought much of Grace’s sporting ability and they disliked her.

SEQUENCE OF EVENT - Plot -  What happened in sequence?  You can bullet point the main events.

  1. Grace hoped that it would rain because she didn’t enjoy sports and didn’t want to go Sports day.
  2. She arrived at school and watched the other kids play
  3. She was chosen by Emma to be in Emma’s team for Baseball.
  4. She had saw the ball was coming for her and had attempted to catch it with Emma approaching the ball as well.
  5. Grace opened her hands and had caught the ball comfortably in her hands while Emma was stung by a bee and fell.

RESOLUTION - How was the problem solved?

Everyone cheered for Grace and Grace builded confidence to play sports.


Grace had caught the ball and had threw it back to the home base while her team were cheering and the opposition were gutted yet surprised.