Friday, 31 May 2013


In Maths I am stage 5 and this is what I am learning of Maths Whizz Symmetrical stuff. I am in Crafty Circles for Maths in my class

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Catholic's School Day

On Catholic School day we had a lovely mass to start off with, when all the kid’s could show their talent. It was a very good mass because we got to celebrate it with St Josephs school from Orakei. After the mass we had lunch and we got to play with the other kids at lunch time. I was playing with heaps of St Joseph’s  boy’s. My buddy was Ben, I played with him at lunch time and we were playing touch and kicks with the rugby ball. The best part about the day was going to the concert there was lot’s of  great talent’s at the concert. My class was doing a item we were doing our cup song that we wrote at did and we also performed it at our assembly that we had not long ago. My favorite one was count on me by St Joseph’s because there was heaps of participation all the kids we performing on the stage. St Joseph’s school only go up to year 6 only because they are a small school.  They sang a song from Bruno Mars which was Count on me.  My favorite item from St Pius was one of Room 7’s because they were playing the ukulele at is was very unique from the other item’s they did. There were very good item’s from both school’s. St Joseph’s did a Tongan song called Mali Mali Mai I knew the song because I learnt to sing the song when I was in a different class, I also knew a song the Room 7 sang Let it go I learnt the song when we took Music lessons. The final item was Hamba Gahle we sang to St Joseph’s before they were leaving they waved at us and we waved back.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Maths Reflection

In Maths this year I like going on my Maths Whizz because it is helping improve my subtraction and dividing. I also go on Xtra Maths and I'm up to timetable's. 
Maths is my favorite subject at school because I like learning new things everyday. I am getting better at answering Maths questions because I go on Xtra Math's almost everyday. 
In Addition and Subtraction I am on Stage 5.

Friday, 17 May 2013

A Pencil

A pencil is a long item that we use to write and draw with.

It is also very sharp or blunt when it’s sharp it’s  much easier to write with but when it’s blunt it makes it look smudgy and messy. My learning tool is similar to a pen. My drawing friend  is as hard as a tree trunk.

My writing item is combined to 2 shapes a hexagon and a circle. The thin thing inside the pencil  is a lead, it can sometimes  be sharp or blunt.

My learning instrument is much easier to hold than a pen because it is much thinner than a pen. I like pencils because you can rub out it but when you are using pens you can't rub out the ink.

Water Story

Water is a healthy drink for us to keep hydrated. Also Water are in pools and in the ocean.

Water makes you better when you're sick. It controls your body temperature and also it makes most of your body like about 70 percent.  Water is also in our blood.

If we don’t drink water we will be dead and if there was no water on earth no one will be alive. Sometimes the Water we drink is from lakes, rivers, beaches and oceans. We need water every day in so many ways for us to survive in our lives.

When snow melts it turns into water. Water also helps us to breath. Water covers 71 percent of earths surface. Human’s normally drink water because it is very healthy for them. Adults drink water 0.2 percent of a day. Only half of South Africa have water and the rest have no water to drink because it is very dry.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

NZ Sign Language Awareness

This week we are learning about New Zealand sign language week.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Mother

My Mother is a hard working Mother who works hard for our family. She helps me with my homework and encourages me in my learning at school. She wants me to achieve my goals in all of my learning and she also supports me in my learning as well as my family.

My Mother is also good to me and she is a very good cook, she cooks very nice food and she is a very brainy Mother that’s why she can explain questions to me in my homework.  My Mum also goes and looks after my Nana at their house because my Nana is at home all by  herself and she is also sick. My Mum is Samoan and she is unique because of her Identity. My Mum likes healthy food and a little bit of Takeaways, especially Fish and Chips and Hamburgers.

In my family there are 8 people. My Mum works in New Market for UDC, she works on computers and she is with a group and they do quizzes and my Mum is very good at quizzes. My mum hates me getting into trouble at school because she has always known me as a good boy.

I love my Mum so much.