Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Mother

My Mother is a hard working Mother who works hard for our family. She helps me with my homework and encourages me in my learning at school. She wants me to achieve my goals in all of my learning and she also supports me in my learning as well as my family.

My Mother is also good to me and she is a very good cook, she cooks very nice food and she is a very brainy Mother that’s why she can explain questions to me in my homework.  My Mum also goes and looks after my Nana at their house because my Nana is at home all by  herself and she is also sick. My Mum is Samoan and she is unique because of her Identity. My Mum likes healthy food and a little bit of Takeaways, especially Fish and Chips and Hamburgers.

In my family there are 8 people. My Mum works in New Market for UDC, she works on computers and she is with a group and they do quizzes and my Mum is very good at quizzes. My mum hates me getting into trouble at school because she has always known me as a good boy.

I love my Mum so much.                                       

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