Friday, 17 May 2013

Water Story

Water is a healthy drink for us to keep hydrated. Also Water are in pools and in the ocean.

Water makes you better when you're sick. It controls your body temperature and also it makes most of your body like about 70 percent.  Water is also in our blood.

If we don’t drink water we will be dead and if there was no water on earth no one will be alive. Sometimes the Water we drink is from lakes, rivers, beaches and oceans. We need water every day in so many ways for us to survive in our lives.

When snow melts it turns into water. Water also helps us to breath. Water covers 71 percent of earths surface. Human’s normally drink water because it is very healthy for them. Adults drink water 0.2 percent of a day. Only half of South Africa have water and the rest have no water to drink because it is very dry.

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