Friday, 21 October 2016

Maths Problem Explanation

Problem: 47.03 + 1.97 equals _

My Explanation/Strategy:

1. I split the two numbers and add them. So I add 47 and 1 which equals 48. 
2. Then I add the two decimals which are .03 and .97. That will equal 1. 
3. I then add the 48 and the 1 which is 49, therefor the answer is 49. 

The Strategy I used was tidy numbers. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Friday, 14 October 2016

Margaret Aylward... (Group Work)

Today our group have been reading about Margaret Aylward. Each member of our group was given one paragraph each to read and we had to state the main ideas of the text. 
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(Patrick) Paragraph 1 Explanation:Margaret Louisa Aylward was born in Waterford on November 23rd 1810. She was the fifth child of William Aylward and Ellen Murphy. Her father helped establish a group that helped unfortunate citizens.

(Stanley) Paragraph 2 Explanation
I think my paragraph was about the land and fortune of the murphy family was being passed down to the Aylward family. !
(Faleaka) Paragraph 3 Explanation:  Thomas Meagher, father of Thomas Francis Meagher was one of the Margaret Aylward’s most prized person.   

(Lusia) Paragraph 4  Explanation: Margaret Louisa Aylward had a strong connection with Br Rice and the christian brothers and have already notice about their uncles connection. Also Margaret and the christian brothers help the irish children's needs by putting them in a school with a help called the presentation sisters.
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(Peli) Paragraph 5 Explanation:
Margaret Aylward received her early education in a small Quaker school in Waterford where she lived for 4 years teaching in the convent and working in a charity pawn shop. Margaret's sister Catherine had joined the Irish Sisters of Charity in Dublin Margaret also joined in 1834 receiving the religious name Sr. Mary Alphonsus Ligouri.

(Wela) Paragraph 6 Explanation:
Margaret Aylward was in a city, where she would labour for the rest of her life.