Saturday, 30 November 2013

Book Review- Room 22 Saves the Day

Book Review:
Title: Room 22 Saves the Day
Author: Mackenzie Adams
Illustrator: Mackenzie Adams

Room 22 Panmure Bridge, Miss Spence’s, Ben Henry, Jim and Kitty.
Room 22 go to Mt Smart stadium and no Warriors were there. They were waiting and suddenly they got a phone call from one of the Warriors member’s, Ben Henry. The Warriors weren’t there because they were stuck in the broken bus.
The Vodafone Warriors were stuck in the broken bus.
The Warriors arrived at the stadium and had a game against the Visitors. Ben Henry scored that match winning try to win 18 points to 12 the Warriors and Students were very happy.
Your opinion of the story:
I liked the story because the Warriors arrived at the Stadium and didn’t disappoint the Room 22 Students.
Illustration of a character doing something from the story

Cultural Day

I was so nervous because today was our Cultural day.

On a lovely morning the Senior Syndicate was going to attend Mass which is looking at Diversity. Diversity was the Topic for the whole day. During the Mass one person from all the countries they had been studying carried their flag up and placed it down on the Altar.

After our Mass we went to our classes and went to get a pencil and went to Room 7 to assess them. My Group Peru and Room 6’ s group Indian were assessing United Kingdom. I reckon United Kingdom did really good. My Group Peru had to mark Spain because Room 7 had 5 groups. I reckon Spain was the best groups of all the Room 7 groups.

After morning tea had finished it was my groups turn first. When my group had finished I felt very proud of our group. My favourite presentation in my class was Brazil because they were well organized and learnt there parts off by heart. I never knew that Lansanah was a traditional food.

Straight after my class had finished presenting we had to go to Room 6 to assess them. My group was assessing the first group, India and they presented well. I never knew that Indian’s speak in Hindi. I really liked China’s presentation because they told us about the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is the only seen landmark from Space. I reckon Room 6 were organised well.

After Lunch we were going to perform our dances we have practised for many weeks. First was United Kingdom. United Kingdom was going to perform a famous Nursery Rhyme from England called London Bridge is falling down. It was a fun Nursery Rhyme because it made us want to dance. After United Kingdom was Germany and they were performing a Traditional Dance. It was funny because they did it in partners and I could tell that they were nervous. My favourite Dance or song that Room 7 performed was the United Kingdom’s Nursery Rhyme called London Bridge is falling down.

I was getting nervous because we were going to perform our dance after Room 7 had finished performing. Our Dance was a South American Carnival Dance. We were dancing with a partner, my partner was Petra. I really enjoyed the Carnival Dance because it made you want to have a little boggy by yourself. Miss G told us to bring clothes to dance in for our Dance. The girls had to wear a skirt and a t-shirt, the boys had to wear long trousers and a t- shirt as well. After we finished performing our dance one of Room 6’s groups India did a cool dance because the Indian music matched the dance moves. After India was Thailand, I could tell the Thailand felt embarrassed. My favourite dance in Room 6  was China’s dance which was a dragon dance.

It was a very entertaining day and lots of reports about other countries. It was a fun Cultural Day.

Friday, 29 November 2013

My Highest Score Typing Test

Wow I got my highest in Typing 76. I am very proud of my score I hope I can improve. 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Term 4 Typing Test

This is my highest for This year I have improved by 13 words. Last Term I go 46. My Typing is really improving. I hope that I can beat this high score next Year.

Comparing Communion of Saints

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Kiwis vs England Result

The New Zealand Kiwis have just beaten the England Rugby League team. Shaun Johnson just got the match winning try in the last 20 seconds. I reckon England played better than us but Kiwis where lucky. The Kiwis are facing the Australian Kangaroos after Australia beaten Fiji 64 nil. I hope the Kiwis win the Final and retain the Rugby League World Cup.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Touch Training

I am looking forward to learning some new skills in Touch.
I am expecting to get fit while I am playing Touch.
I think we are doing Touch because it is good to learn a different sport.
I will see a lot of Touch equipment to use like rugby balls and cones.
We are doing Touch for 3 weeks.
We are going to be having a School Touch Tournament at the end of our training sessions.
Touch is one of our Kiwi Sport for this Term.

Touch NZ has organised this for us.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2013

“I could feel the nerves in my stomach, the nerves were getting worse” .

On Wednesday the 13th of November we were be going to the Manaiakalani Film Festival. I was so excited because I was going to be a presenter with Alecia for my classes Movie. Finally we arrived at Sylvia Park. We were going to be attending the morning session. The Schools that were attending the morning session were Glen Innes and St Pius. First Mr Coakley did the Introduction. Me and Alecia were going to be the first ones to present our movie ‘Success’.  So when we were standing on the stage we could hear screaming as we were in place. It was fun presenting because this has been the first time presenting.

Then we saw Samantha and Fiapo presenting Room 1’s and 2’s movie about Te Reo Maori. Their movie was cool learning and understanding the colours in Maori. My favourite Movie in our theatre was Lookdown by Room 6 because it was very funny. There was one part where Leki shot the ball at the hoop and it went down the hill. Mr Slade had their Basketball and freaked out Leki and Simione. Then Miss G told us that we had to go to the Extreme Big Screen theatre where Panmure Bridge, Stonefields and Glenbrae were so we could present our movie there too.

I was so amazed how big the screen was compared to the last theatre’s screen. I was so excited because I really enjoy presenting our movie. When we got up on the stage a few people shouted out my name in the crowd. It was so cool the people knew my name in the crowd, that made me confident. Miss G told us that we were going in the other theatre again, this was the last time we were going to present until the Evening session. I was happy because we were presenting the last time in the morning session because it was a long day for Me and Alecia, we stayed there for about 3 hours morning till lunch time. I was glad Mr Coakley said “ We are going back to School now”. We arrived at school at it was nearly lunch time.

Finally it was the night session. Me and Mum headed of to the Sylvia Park Hoyts to attend the night session. When we got there we had to meet up with Miss G. We were waiting for a long time for Miss G. Finally Miss G arrived at Hoyts and she said that I was presenting the Sommerville Movie as well also Alecia had to present for them also. We had to wait for the other presenters to arrive. Then all the presenters stayed with Miss G to get ready to go in the theatre because it was going to begin soon.

Finally we started to go in the theatre and get in order to present. I was getting nervous because there were heaps of people in the audience. When everyone in the crowd settled down it started to begin. Me and Alecia were the first ones up. While we were saying our parts a few people from the audience shouted our names out, that made me confident on the stage. When it came to my next part I was the only one. I was presenting for Sommerville Special School, their Movie was called ‘Change’ it was about being good when they are having a reliever in your classroom. Not long after that Alecia presented for Sommerville, the movie she was presenting was ‘Our Dog Meg’ it was about their Pet Dog Meg and how they treat Meg.

My favorite Movie in the Night Session was Faith and Harmony, ‘Friends’ because it was a Music Video. That was a long Night Session, I was so tired.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Toa Samoa Prizegiving :)

Today was our Toa Samoa Rugby League prizegiving. It was held in the Mangere Pools. Me and my friend Evan were waiting a long time for our Manager and Coach. The Staff told us to sit in the line of our teams. We were waiting and waiting then finally they arrived. First up to get awarded were the Under 6's then they made there way up. Finally it was our turn the Coach awarded us with a Certificate. After all of us got awarded we got to take a photo holding our Certificates. After that I wanted to go for a swim because it was very hot.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Shaun Johnson

The person who I picked was Shaun Johnson. I chose Shaun Johnson because he is my favorite Rugby League player. He is a role model out on the League field because he leads by example and follows their game plans and structures. Shaun Johnson is a New Zealand International League player he also has a NRL Career with the Vodafone Warriors. Shaun Johnson is a role model to me he is a person to look up to.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Manu Samoa tribute to Peter Fatialofa

The Manu Samoa Rugby team had a game against Ireland. This game was also a tribute to well known Manu Samoa Rugby player Peter Fatialofa. Peter's close friend Brian Lima leaded the Samoan Siva Tau haka. Samoa were looking for a upset win but Ireland was just to strong. 

Prompt Practice 6

“ Come on Poppy lets go to the beach” said Katie excitedly.
On a dry Saturday afternoon Katie and her pet dog Poppy were ready to go to the beach. So they packed up their stuff and headed off to the beach. They arrived at the beach, “ Poppy I will go get a stick for you” said Katie, “Roof Roof” barked Poppy. Katie found a stick so she threw it. poppy chased it, Poppy saw another dog with the stick, So Poppy tried to pull it off the other dog. Poppy was wrestling with the dog trying to get the stick but she couldn’t get the stick off the dog. Katie was worried that Poppy was out a long time finding the stick so she went to see where Poppy was. “ Poppy where are you” Shouted Katie. Katie could hear a bark coming from the far distance so she went to check. There was Poppy fighting and wrestling with the dog. The owner of the other dog came over and said “ Hi is that your Dog” Katie said “ Yes” . I saw my dog come over and fight over the stick with the dog. They both laughed “ HahaHa”. So they both went to play with each other and had loads of fun.

All Blacks Northern Hemisphere Tour

The All Blacks have defeated the France team 26 points to 19. It was a pretty close game. France were throwing everything at the All Blacks but that wasn't enough.

2013 Rugby League World Cup

The Rugby League World is going to head in the finals soon. The defending Champions the Kiwis (New Zealand) are undefeated beating Samoa, France and Papua New Guinea. I hope New Zealand win the Rugby League World Cup.  

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt Practice 5

“Hurry up Johnny said Kelly”
Johnny got a phone call by her Younger Sister Kelly saying Johnny I have a problem with something can you come over and see what's wrong please. So Johnny rushed to see what was wrong. Johnny appeared at Kellys house. Johnny said “ What is wrong”? Kelly said I want to go Hot Air Ballooning but I can’t afford it. Johnny said “ Sorry Kelly I can’t afford it too” said Johnny worried. So Kelly was so sad because that was one of the things on her bucket list. So Johnny thinked about something else to do with her, Johnny had nothing in his mind. Johnny said to Kelly “ We could go to lunch at your favourite restaurant”? said Johnny Kelly Said “I am not in the mode to go”. Johnny said you can imagine that you are Hot air Ballooning, Kelly said “ Maybe”?. Kelly said “ But what are we going to be using to imagine to Hot Air Balloon”  Johnny said “ You know that I got some stuff to use” Johnny got a hair blower and started to blow the Hair blower on Kelly face and Kelly was enjoying herself just like she is a actually Hot air Ballooning . Kelly said “Thankyou so much for solving my problem” “Johnny said no worry’s”. Kelly said if there is any other problems or things  to be solved or dealt with I will call you straight away and another big thank you for taking up your time to fix my problem No Worry’s said Johnny. So Kelly was alright and enjoyed that rest of  her day thanks to Johnny her big brother for solving her problem.  

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prompt Practise 4

“ Henry look there is a attacker” said Richie nervously.

In the Gold Coast Rainforest animals in the forest saw an attacker come and frighten them. Henry and Richie are animals called the meerkats and they were so frightened that he climbed up a tree with Richie and to ask  for safety because they saw that the attacker was coming closer by the seconds they were so scared. The attacker was a animal and the animal was very dangerous causing other attacks before. Henry said to Richie, “ Richie we can’t let the attack find us don’t make any movements” whispered Henry. So Henry and Richie stayed in the tree and making no movements. The animal was a Tiger and it tracked down both Henry and Richie and was ready for the attack to happen. Suddenly Richie and Henry saw the Tiger coming closer by the seconds. Henry was so frightened that he ran away as fast as he could and screamed for help begging Richie to help him.

So Henry hurried up and followed Richie for help they went to one of the staff Paul, Paul said “ Are you guys okay said Paul friendly, Henry said “ We were being attacked from a Tiger. Paul quickly moved them into safety. Paul went for a look where the Tiger was he was looking for along time. There was the sound of the Roar from the Tiger, Roar !!! so Paul suddenly go the net a captured the Tiger. Paul gogt the Tiger and called the Zoo to come and keep the Tiger there a the Melbourne Zoo. Paul went to see Henry and Richie to see if they were okay. Paul said “ You have to beware  of the other wild animals”. Henry and Richie were kept in there until there were no more wild animals around. Henry and Paul met some new friends when there were in there like a Monkey, Orangutan, Koala and a African Lizard. Henry and Richie had friends to protect them. Henry and Richie had the most frightening moment in their lives. Another day finished at the Gold Coast Rainforest.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Prompt Practice 3

“Come on Steve lets go experience some Tigers” said Bryan.  
On a breezy afternoon Bryan and Steve were going to the Melbourne Zoo to experience Tigers. So they arrived and the zoo and they were speaking to one of the Zoo keepers. The information that the Zookeeper said to Bryan and Steve that these Tigers were the most dangerous female Tigers in the world. So they went to take photos of the Tigers to get some more information that they see. These Female Tigers were transported from South Africa to Melbourne, Australia. In South Africa these Tigers made an attack on a Journalist studying Africa. The Journalist was lucky that he could escape climbing up on a tree and the Tigers gave up.  So the Tigers went back to there playhut. So Bryan and Steve wrote the information down.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Prompt Writing 2

On a shining afternoon Sam and Ben were ready for their exciting surf day. So Sam and Ben quickly gathered up their gear and headed their way off to the beach. They were at the beach and the couldn’t believe how much people were there. So they were ready for a perfect surf day. The tide was in and the people were swimming and playing in the water. Sam and Ben said that they were into a big wave which they saw. They knew that they were in for a big wave. They went down to the beach and started to get ready for some surfing. Sam and Ben were having a lot of fun surfing and doing a little bit of swimming as well .After they were surfing and swimming they packed up their gear and went back to their towels.