Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cultural Day

I was so nervous because today was our Cultural day.

On a lovely morning the Senior Syndicate was going to attend Mass which is looking at Diversity. Diversity was the Topic for the whole day. During the Mass one person from all the countries they had been studying carried their flag up and placed it down on the Altar.

After our Mass we went to our classes and went to get a pencil and went to Room 7 to assess them. My Group Peru and Room 6’ s group Indian were assessing United Kingdom. I reckon United Kingdom did really good. My Group Peru had to mark Spain because Room 7 had 5 groups. I reckon Spain was the best groups of all the Room 7 groups.

After morning tea had finished it was my groups turn first. When my group had finished I felt very proud of our group. My favourite presentation in my class was Brazil because they were well organized and learnt there parts off by heart. I never knew that Lansanah was a traditional food.

Straight after my class had finished presenting we had to go to Room 6 to assess them. My group was assessing the first group, India and they presented well. I never knew that Indian’s speak in Hindi. I really liked China’s presentation because they told us about the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is the only seen landmark from Space. I reckon Room 6 were organised well.

After Lunch we were going to perform our dances we have practised for many weeks. First was United Kingdom. United Kingdom was going to perform a famous Nursery Rhyme from England called London Bridge is falling down. It was a fun Nursery Rhyme because it made us want to dance. After United Kingdom was Germany and they were performing a Traditional Dance. It was funny because they did it in partners and I could tell that they were nervous. My favourite Dance or song that Room 7 performed was the United Kingdom’s Nursery Rhyme called London Bridge is falling down.

I was getting nervous because we were going to perform our dance after Room 7 had finished performing. Our Dance was a South American Carnival Dance. We were dancing with a partner, my partner was Petra. I really enjoyed the Carnival Dance because it made you want to have a little boggy by yourself. Miss G told us to bring clothes to dance in for our Dance. The girls had to wear a skirt and a t-shirt, the boys had to wear long trousers and a t- shirt as well. After we finished performing our dance one of Room 6’s groups India did a cool dance because the Indian music matched the dance moves. After India was Thailand, I could tell the Thailand felt embarrassed. My favourite dance in Room 6  was China’s dance which was a dragon dance.

It was a very entertaining day and lots of reports about other countries. It was a fun Cultural Day.

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