Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prompt Practise 4

“ Henry look there is a attacker” said Richie nervously.

In the Gold Coast Rainforest animals in the forest saw an attacker come and frighten them. Henry and Richie are animals called the meerkats and they were so frightened that he climbed up a tree with Richie and to ask  for safety because they saw that the attacker was coming closer by the seconds they were so scared. The attacker was a animal and the animal was very dangerous causing other attacks before. Henry said to Richie, “ Richie we can’t let the attack find us don’t make any movements” whispered Henry. So Henry and Richie stayed in the tree and making no movements. The animal was a Tiger and it tracked down both Henry and Richie and was ready for the attack to happen. Suddenly Richie and Henry saw the Tiger coming closer by the seconds. Henry was so frightened that he ran away as fast as he could and screamed for help begging Richie to help him.

So Henry hurried up and followed Richie for help they went to one of the staff Paul, Paul said “ Are you guys okay said Paul friendly, Henry said “ We were being attacked from a Tiger. Paul quickly moved them into safety. Paul went for a look where the Tiger was he was looking for along time. There was the sound of the Roar from the Tiger, Roar !!! so Paul suddenly go the net a captured the Tiger. Paul gogt the Tiger and called the Zoo to come and keep the Tiger there a the Melbourne Zoo. Paul went to see Henry and Richie to see if they were okay. Paul said “ You have to beware  of the other wild animals”. Henry and Richie were kept in there until there were no more wild animals around. Henry and Paul met some new friends when there were in there like a Monkey, Orangutan, Koala and a African Lizard. Henry and Richie had friends to protect them. Henry and Richie had the most frightening moment in their lives. Another day finished at the Gold Coast Rainforest.


  1. Hi Patrick
    I ready Like your photo it is very funny and I like your writing.

    1. Shot Opi for Commenting!!! I agree