Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt Practice 5

“Hurry up Johnny said Kelly”
Johnny got a phone call by her Younger Sister Kelly saying Johnny I have a problem with something can you come over and see what's wrong please. So Johnny rushed to see what was wrong. Johnny appeared at Kellys house. Johnny said “ What is wrong”? Kelly said I want to go Hot Air Ballooning but I can’t afford it. Johnny said “ Sorry Kelly I can’t afford it too” said Johnny worried. So Kelly was so sad because that was one of the things on her bucket list. So Johnny thinked about something else to do with her, Johnny had nothing in his mind. Johnny said to Kelly “ We could go to lunch at your favourite restaurant”? said Johnny Kelly Said “I am not in the mode to go”. Johnny said you can imagine that you are Hot air Ballooning, Kelly said “ Maybe”?. Kelly said “ But what are we going to be using to imagine to Hot Air Balloon”  Johnny said “ You know that I got some stuff to use” Johnny got a hair blower and started to blow the Hair blower on Kelly face and Kelly was enjoying herself just like she is a actually Hot air Ballooning . Kelly said “Thankyou so much for solving my problem” “Johnny said no worry’s”. Kelly said if there is any other problems or things  to be solved or dealt with I will call you straight away and another big thank you for taking up your time to fix my problem No Worry’s said Johnny. So Kelly was alright and enjoyed that rest of  her day thanks to Johnny her big brother for solving her problem.  

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