Thursday, 22 August 2013

What a disaster!!!

The Rena is a big ship owned by a country called Greece. The Rena was on a beach near Mount Maunganui and Motiti Island. There was a terrible disaster where the captain took a shortcut and the Rena ran over a bunch of rocks and the rocks made a hole in the Rena. The Rena was carrying loads of containers and when the Rena got a hole almost 1700 tonnes of oil started dripping out and 1300 containers were falling off the Rena.

When the oil spilled out of The Rena the oil went all the way back to the surface and sand and thousands of birds died, that was very sad.

The Rena oil spill happened on October 5th 2011. It was a big disaster for Tauranga.  The captain of the Rena took a shortcut instead of going the way they were supposed to go. After the clean up the cleaners announced that there was still some oil left in the water. The Captain of the Rena went to jail with another men. The Rena was a bad disaster.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

St Pius X Feast Day

In Religious Education this week we are learning about St Pius. St Pius original feast day is on Wednesday 21st of August but at my school we celebrate it on Friday. St Pius wasn’t a rich person when he was a kid his family was a big family he had  brother + sisters. St Pius became a Pope when he was 33 years old. St Pius was the Tenth Pope to pick St Pius as his Pope name. Pope Pius grew up in Italy. Pope Pius wanted all the poor people to be looked after. Pope Pius announced that he wanted for the children and the adults to make their First Holy Communion.Pope Pius parents knew him as Joseph Sarto and was called Joseph Sarto by his parents. St Pius died on 20 August 1914.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Celebrity Writing

Ben Barba was born on June 13 1989. He is 24 years of age and was born in Darwin, Northern, Territory, Australia.

Ben Barba is an Aboriginal  and he also plays league for the Indigenous All Stars (Aborigeni Rugby League Team). He has played 3 games for Indigenous All Stars.

Ben Barba doesn’t normally plays Five- eighth  which is number 6 or Halfback number 7.  He was named as the Bulldogs fullback  in 2011 and he was in the Bulldogs under 20’s side from 2007-2010. Ben Barba had a  awesome season in 2011 when he scored 23 tries in 24 games, that is incredible.

Ben Barba said that he will be signing for the Bulldogs until the end of the 2015 season. In his Under 20’s career he scored 130 points in 11 games.  In  2011 he was picked in the Queensland 25 man squad. In his Bulldogs career he scored 73 tries , 292 points and 94 games.

This year the Broncos wanted him to play for the club. Just about 2 weeks ago Ben Barba got injured after he scored a try. He got injured because someones boot hit his knee. Earlier this year he was suspended because of drinking alcohol but now he has come back and been a very good player and person.

Ben Barba debut for the Indigenous All Stars in 2011 and he has been awesome for them.

Ben Barba’s kids are called  Bronte Barba and Bodhi Barba. His little brother Marmin is going to sign with the Titans for the fullback role.

Cross Country Recount

The Day had arrived, it’s Cross Country time and we are ready to go. Before JT’s race I said “Good Luck JT”

On a lovely Tuesday afternoon on the 13th in August after big Lunch my school St Pius X Catholic School had our School Cross Country. I was very excited because I like running long distances because it helps with my fitness and health.

It was a little bit of a change this year, we had the 13 and 12 year olds running first and the seniors had to run around the whole block and the juniors had to run around the whole field. There were heaps of parents to come and support the students. The Top 5 in our age groups go to the Tamaki Cluster Cross Country.

When it was my turn I was nervous and excited. Me and Ezra were the only boy’s so me and Ezra had to race the girls that were 9 years old. When Miss G said “Get your marks, get set, go”. All the girls sprinted ahead and me and Ezra stayed back because we didn’t want to waste our energy. When we were near the red gate near the field I was in the lead already but the race wasn’t over yet...The hardest thing about the race was running the steep hill because it was tiring. During the race I past some 11 year olds and a few 10 year olds. I past Albert and I was jogging with Asipeli. When we were nearly at the end of the race me and Asipeli were jogging but... suddenly I sprinted away from Asipeli and I was so happy when I got there because I came 1st out of the 9 year olds. When I got to the courts I had to go to Mrs Williams to check that I had finished the race and to write down the results.

After my race I was a little bit tired. I was the only one that was 9 sitting in the courts. When I was in the courts I was watching the others coming to the finish line. When everyone finished their race we went to go watch the juniors race.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Assumption of Mary

The Assumption of Mary is us Catholic people celebrating Mary’s Heavenly Birthday. When Mary was in Jerusalem she fall asleep and she went up to heaven, her whole body went up to heaven, it was known as a miracle.

Mary is known as the mother of Jesus and God also she is known as the Queen of Heaven, in heaven Mary is in the middle of Jesus and God.

The Assumption of Mary happened on the 15th of August but it happened a long, long, long time ago. Pope Pius told the people that Mary definitely died but no one found Mary’s body.

Friday, 9 August 2013

The Ant Army

There were ants that were on a schoolyard that were waiting for their food. The Female workers were sent out to find food for the ants to have to eat because they were very hungry and there were heaps of ants so it had to be a big thing for the ants to eat. Suddenly they saw a bag with something in it and it was a big doughnut. When they were in there they saw heaps of school equipment, school uniform and rows of school bags. The female ants marched up to the bag like an Army but they were all woman. The ants looked and acted human like. They were told to get the doughnut and take it back for the ants to eat. They heard a person walking so they took the doughnut back to the schoolyard quickly .. Some of the ants got stood on but they still survived thankfully.

Monday, 5 August 2013

7 Sacraments

Sacrament Image
Name of Sacrament and what it means
This Sacrament is Marriage, Marriage is when you Joining as husband and wife and you are in a relationship with another person thats a female.
This Sacrament is Holy Communion when you make your Holy Communion you are aloud to eat the bread and drink the wine at church.
This is the Sacrament of Confirmation, Confirmation is when you are wanting to be catholic and a follower of God.
This Sacrament is Holy Orders Holy Orders is when you want to be with God and Dedicating your life to God.
This Sacrament is Baptism Baptism is when you are being Welcome to be as a Catholic person.
This Sacrament is Last Rights Last Rights is when a priest will come in the hospital and bless you before you die.
This Sacrament is Reconciliation Reconciliation is when you a cleansing your sins.

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Rainbow Bird

Parrot                           White Bearded

Years ago in South America there was a story that was set in a forest there were birds that were wanting to be colourful. Some of them were grey, black and white. They were jealous of nature because nature was very colourful and they weren’t.

The Birds were trying everything to get colour on themselves, they splashed berries on themselves, they rubbed flower petals on them and also rubbed leaves on themselves as well.

Every afternoon when it rained a Rainbow would show up in the sky. They loved the Rainbow so much that they wanted to be like the Rainbow. They wished and wished and wished that they would be colourful. Then one afternoon when the Rainbow showed in the sky it was all dirty and dark.

Suddenly they saw a bright light coming from the sky and it was a bird called a Phoenix, The Phoenix told some of the birds to follow him because the Rainbow was dying so the birds followed the Phoenix.When they were near the Rainbow they saw Roaches eating it. The Birds and Roaches were having a fight and they were struggling because they were flying to much.  There were thousands of Roaches and maybe 50 or 100 birds. The Bird’s won so the Rainbow went back to normal and the Bird’s flew through the rainbow and turned into colourful birds and were very happy.

When they went back down to the tree the other birds were very jealous about them having colour on them. The black and white birds were so jealous and wished they had gone with the Phoenix and the other birds.

The thing that the person was trying to tell us is to always help people in need and help others and support others all the time. My Favourite part of the Rainbow Bird Story was when the bird’s flew through the Rainbow and were colorful

Badminton Report

Badminton is a very simple sport but it has a lot of instructions you have to learn before you play.

In Badminton you have 2 ways to hold the racket. They are called the forehand grip and the backhand grip. Badminton is just like tennis but tennis has a bigger ball than Badminton and a different racket. Badminton was one of the events in the 2012 London Olympics, it was founded in the Olympics in 1992. Badminton has been an Olympic sport with 3 events men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and also mixed doubles.

Badminton was made up in Europe and Asia a long time ago and they used paddles or bats for a racquet. The Shuttle for beginners are made out of plastic and for professionals the shuttle is made out of goose feathers if the shuttle hits you it won’t hurt because it is only a soft item.

Badminton is a very good sport because it is good exercise especially if it is a single match. it is very good for you because you can run around the court. You can hit the shuttle however you like. You can hit it low, high, fast, slow, soft or rough it.

I like Badminton because it is good exercise and it is a simple sport for you to learn.