Friday, 9 August 2013

The Ant Army

There were ants that were on a schoolyard that were waiting for their food. The Female workers were sent out to find food for the ants to have to eat because they were very hungry and there were heaps of ants so it had to be a big thing for the ants to eat. Suddenly they saw a bag with something in it and it was a big doughnut. When they were in there they saw heaps of school equipment, school uniform and rows of school bags. The female ants marched up to the bag like an Army but they were all woman. The ants looked and acted human like. They were told to get the doughnut and take it back for the ants to eat. They heard a person walking so they took the doughnut back to the schoolyard quickly .. Some of the ants got stood on but they still survived thankfully.

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