Monday, 19 August 2013

Cross Country Recount

The Day had arrived, it’s Cross Country time and we are ready to go. Before JT’s race I said “Good Luck JT”

On a lovely Tuesday afternoon on the 13th in August after big Lunch my school St Pius X Catholic School had our School Cross Country. I was very excited because I like running long distances because it helps with my fitness and health.

It was a little bit of a change this year, we had the 13 and 12 year olds running first and the seniors had to run around the whole block and the juniors had to run around the whole field. There were heaps of parents to come and support the students. The Top 5 in our age groups go to the Tamaki Cluster Cross Country.

When it was my turn I was nervous and excited. Me and Ezra were the only boy’s so me and Ezra had to race the girls that were 9 years old. When Miss G said “Get your marks, get set, go”. All the girls sprinted ahead and me and Ezra stayed back because we didn’t want to waste our energy. When we were near the red gate near the field I was in the lead already but the race wasn’t over yet...The hardest thing about the race was running the steep hill because it was tiring. During the race I past some 11 year olds and a few 10 year olds. I past Albert and I was jogging with Asipeli. When we were nearly at the end of the race me and Asipeli were jogging but... suddenly I sprinted away from Asipeli and I was so happy when I got there because I came 1st out of the 9 year olds. When I got to the courts I had to go to Mrs Williams to check that I had finished the race and to write down the results.

After my race I was a little bit tired. I was the only one that was 9 sitting in the courts. When I was in the courts I was watching the others coming to the finish line. When everyone finished their race we went to go watch the juniors race.

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