Thursday, 30 July 2015

Warriors Visit Experience

What a surprise! Arriving at school on a wet Wednesday morning, everything is the same. My teacher was working away with most of Room 7 before the bell goes. I heard someone saying that some of the Warriors Players were coming to visit our school today. My ears pricked and I wanted to find out but no one seemed to know.  
The bell rang and Mr Coakley, our principal, is telling people to go to the hall. I was really excited because I’m a staunch supporter of the Vodafone Warriors. 
As I entered the hall I saw the two Warrior players. They were Ken Maumalo and David Bhana who mostly play in the New South Wales Cup Warriors team which is the reserve grade for the Vodafone Warriors. I smiled with excitement.

They talked to the whole school and played a few games with us. They gave some of the students Warriors drink bottles and mini Warriors rugby balls. 
Later, Mr Slade volunteered some students to do a few drills with Ken and David. I was really lucky to be apart of those people who Ken and David were going to be doing a few drills with. I really enjoyed doing a few drills with Ken and David. We did some basic passing and running drills which will help us during a Rugby League game. I was also privileged to receive a small Warriors League ball. At the end, we had a class photo we them.  
Justin and I had the opportunity to talk with them and got them to sign our League balls.

It was a great visit!!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Maori Language Week

Part of Maori Language week my group has been learning about the Legend of Kawariki and the Shark Man. This Story was a very powerful story because it showed a lot of powerful moments especially when the Atua of the Ocean appears with his magic. 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Lectio Divina Prayer

“Where can we buy bread for this people” Jesus said

Dear Lord I ask you to give me the strength to share my food with the people that do not receive any food and are less fortunate than me.

Prototec Basic Facts Test

I did ok in my Basic Facts test today but haven’t shown any improvement because I got the same result as my last result. I hope to try my hardest to beat my score next time.

My Amazing Holiday (Recount Writing)

On a dreadful Saturday Morning I was really excited for my Game against the Manurewa Transformers at Mt Richmond Park at 11:15am.

I play for the Under 12 Otahuhu Leopards, I’ve been playing for Otahuhu since I was 4 (7 years).  My team has been unbeaten in 13 games and only conceding 6 tries.

During our Pre Game warm up the weather was starting to rumble but eventually the weather started to settle down and started to clear up for my game.   Finally my game had kicked off, we were playing in a muddy field which had pools of muddy water.

It was Tackle 4 in the first set of the game and I got the ball and decided to hit a gap to try and break through the tackle but unfortunately I got tackled in the mud.   Going into the first defensive set/tackle for my team I got kicked in the mouth which was really sore and unfortunately I had to go onto the bench for the rest of the first half until the second half had started. Finally the first half had finished because I urgently wanted to get back on the field, my team had a convincing lead after the first half.  I went straight back on when the Second Half had started and was subbed in at Second Row.  Finally I had my first hitup of the Second Half where they had kicked it off and I had caught the ball and fended 2 or 3 players, ran down the sideline and cut back into play then got tackle on tackle 1.

During the last 10 minutes of the second half I had the chance to score a try close to the line because before I had got the ball broke through several tackles and was about 5 metres close to the line but sadly I got tackled.  Following on when I got tackled I played the ball then the hooker (My friend Andrew) got the ball from dummy half and quickly gathered it up and scored an easy try.

Finally the game had finished because it was really cold and we were all really muddy. After the game a me and a couple of my teammates went in the changing rooms and washed all of the mud then all went back home to have a nice hot shower. Overall my team had defeated the Manurewa Transformers 38-0 for our 13th win of the season.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Lectio Divina Traditional Prayer Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3!!!. 
During R.E today we have been learning about the Lectio Divina prayer which is a prayerful reading. 

I think Lectio Divina is a interesting prayer because I have never experienced the Lectio Divina prayer. 

Dear Lord,
I ask you to give me compassion to show compassion to the people I love.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Matariki Acrostic Poem

M- Matariki is a set of Seven Sisters/Stars which is located in the Eastern Sky which is the sign of the Maori New Year.

A- Amazingly if the Seven Stars are all closely together there it predicts we’re in set for a cold season.

T- Traditionally the dawn rising of Matariki was a sign to Maori that the hunting season was coming to an end and the planting season was beginning

A- According to the Maori God of the Forest he said that the Maori God of Wind became so angry that he threw the Seven Sisters into the heavens and they became twinkly stars.

R- Raumati is been told as the mother of the Seven Sisters alongside with her husband Raro.

I- Incredibly towards the end of May Matariki sinks below the horizon and disappears from the sky during the night.
K- Kereru, Kaka and Tui were plump and juicy from eating forest berries during the Matariki season.

I- Interestingly Matariki means Tiny Eyes and Eyes of God and is also reffered to be said as Mata Ariki.


This is my explanation about Matariki also I thought I would let you guys know about the 7 Sisters/Stars name.