Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Matariki Acrostic Poem

M- Matariki is a set of Seven Sisters/Stars which is located in the Eastern Sky which is the sign of the Maori New Year.

A- Amazingly if the Seven Stars are all closely together there it predicts we’re in set for a cold season.

T- Traditionally the dawn rising of Matariki was a sign to Maori that the hunting season was coming to an end and the planting season was beginning

A- According to the Maori God of the Forest he said that the Maori God of Wind became so angry that he threw the Seven Sisters into the heavens and they became twinkly stars.

R- Raumati is been told as the mother of the Seven Sisters alongside with her husband Raro.

I- Incredibly towards the end of May Matariki sinks below the horizon and disappears from the sky during the night.
K- Kereru, Kaka and Tui were plump and juicy from eating forest berries during the Matariki season.

I- Interestingly Matariki means Tiny Eyes and Eyes of God and is also reffered to be said as Mata Ariki.

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