Thursday, 30 July 2015

Warriors Visit Experience

What a surprise! Arriving at school on a wet Wednesday morning, everything is the same. My teacher was working away with most of Room 7 before the bell goes. I heard someone saying that some of the Warriors Players were coming to visit our school today. My ears pricked and I wanted to find out but no one seemed to know.  
The bell rang and Mr Coakley, our principal, is telling people to go to the hall. I was really excited because I’m a staunch supporter of the Vodafone Warriors. 
As I entered the hall I saw the two Warrior players. They were Ken Maumalo and David Bhana who mostly play in the New South Wales Cup Warriors team which is the reserve grade for the Vodafone Warriors. I smiled with excitement.

They talked to the whole school and played a few games with us. They gave some of the students Warriors drink bottles and mini Warriors rugby balls. 
Later, Mr Slade volunteered some students to do a few drills with Ken and David. I was really lucky to be apart of those people who Ken and David were going to be doing a few drills with. I really enjoyed doing a few drills with Ken and David. We did some basic passing and running drills which will help us during a Rugby League game. I was also privileged to receive a small Warriors League ball. At the end, we had a class photo we them.  
Justin and I had the opportunity to talk with them and got them to sign our League balls.

It was a great visit!!!


  1. Awesome articulate write up son but you just need to proof read it before you post it to correct any grammar errors. Other than that it is excellent. well done & keep it up

  2. What a pleasant surprise for you son being the avid Warriors supporter you are.
    Awesome reading what happened during their visit. Keep up the good work :)