Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Beautiful Looking Day!

“ Scary Movies, Junk Food, Play fighting, Swimming and Spending time with my family were all the things that was scheduled ahead for my holiday”

On a marvellous looking day My Sister, My 2 cousins and I were all up early to get ready for our day that was planned ahead. With the appearance of the weather it was planned that we were be going to the Papakura Pools.

Firstly we all went up for a walk up Red Hill. Meanwhile when my Sister and my Cousin Bethany were walking me and my cousin Jabez were jogging up the very steep hill. I got just feel all my strength in my legs flatter away step by step. Meanwhile in our walk/jog we went through a walk path which lead to a park where we played a while then headed back to my Sister's House.

Following on in the afternoon it was time for a nice refreshing swim at the Papakura Pools. When we had arrived there it was very busy because we had to park on the road. After we had found our park me and my cousin Jabez was very excited for what we were going to do in the pools. So we headed just into the pool no hassle. Me and my cousin were told to stick together because it was very crowded and we wouldn’t be able to find each other. The Pool felt really warm and had felt like I was inside a spa pool, the depth of the pool had gone deeper the further I had walked. The deepest depth of the pool I was in was 2 Metres.

After a while there was nothing else to do so Jabez & I decided to go the little kiddie pool which was warmer than the other pool we were in, the depth of the little kiddie pool was 0.8 metres- 1.2 metres. It was really warm inside the pool, I could've just slept inside the pool it showed how relaxed I was. After not doing anything much we decided that we wanted to head home because we were feeling tired and hungry at the same time.

Following on after our refreshing swim it was time to head off.

What a great swim and end to our beautiful day!