Monday, 1 December 2014

Letter to Santa

Name: Johnny Knoxville
Address: 1 Sesame St
Date: 16/04/2004

Dear Santa,

I am writing this letter to you because I want to know what I am doing for Christmas.

I want a Nike Air Max 95’s, Nike Lebron James 12, Nike Kobe Bryant 9 and a Samsung Galaxy S6 when it comes out.

I deserve these presents because I have had a good education.

I think Justin doesn't deserve it because he is been naughty this year and he has too much stuff.

Hope you have a good Christmas Ho Ho Ho. `

From Johnny Knoxville

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Rugby Club Writing

Hello, I am going to explain what a Rugby Club is an why it is special to me.
A Rugby Club is a Facility that young boys and sometimes girls play the sport they love and old men go there to watch footy and to catch up with each other.

It is special because it rings back memories from when you were young and to look back at your club’s history. Also it is special because youngsters that were raised up in a Rugby Club are now League or Rugby Stars. Also because you can learn to be in a team with other people.

A Rugby Club is important because if you don’t know what Rugby is you could just go to a Rugby Club and watch Rugby or you could go in the club and learn about Rugby or look about history of Rugby and Information.

You could find a Rugby Club anywhere there are many of Rugby Club’s so it won’t be hard. It is also easy to find because our country is the best at Rugby so many young ones will be playing Rugby as well in Club’s.

So those are the reasons I think a Rugby Club is special. I hope this writing makes you think’s the same.  

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

All about me

Talofa, my name is Patrick. I am in year 6. In my spare time I like to do a lot of sports like, Boxing, Rugby League and Basketball. My favourite school subject is  Mathematics. In my family I have rottweiler puppie, 4 brothers, 1 sister and my Mum and Dad. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

What is a Cow?

Explanation Writing 2

Shaun Johnson is a National Rugby League for the New Zealand Kiwis and also plays in the NRL for the Vodafone Warriors. Shaun started to play NRL when he was at the age of 19. Shaun has been playing Club Rugby League in the Auckland Rugby League for Hibiscus Coast Raiders.
Shaun Johnson is a young Rugby League player age 23 now born on September 9 1990. Shaun Johnson is Auckland raised.

Shaun Johnson plays Standoff/Halfback in Rugby League he is a playmaker for the Warriors.
Shaun Johnson is my favorite because he is
a good inspiration to me because he is a good Rugby League player and one of the fastest League players.
My opinion about Shaun Johnson is that he is a good inspiration and he always follows structures in is trainings
and he will never give up.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Explanation Writing 3

My opinion about basketball is that it is one of the best sports in the world and that it is the sport that you run around the most.

I am going to be talking about  Basketball. Basketball is a sport which is good for tall people usually people taller than 6 feet. The Basketball hoop is 18 feet high. The aim of the game is to Shoot the basketball into the hoop.
You are not allowed to hold the ball run that is travelling. In basketball you have to bounce the ball with one hand while you walk.  You are not allowed to bounce the ball with 2 hands because that is a foul.
You can play Basketball in any basketball court.
American’s play Basketball on any day in the NBA but mostly on Mondays. But you can play basketball whenever you want.
Who plays Basketball? Basketball is a worldwide sport, it is a sport played in the Olympics. America is the best country in basketball. Anyone can play basket.
Basketball players play the sport because love playing basketball and they might also be paid big money and also it is good for their fitness.

My opinion about basketball is that it is one of the best sports in the world and that it is the sport that you run around the most.

Friday, 21 February 2014


Prior Knowledge about Milk:
Where does it come from?
Milk comes from Cows and Goats.
How do we get Milk from Cows?
Cows can be Milked using Machines or by hand.
What does Milk do to us?
It make you have strong bones and very good teeth.
What can Milk be used in?
Milk can be used in many types of foods. Example: Scrambled Eggs, Cakes, Pastor
What Type of Milk is there?
People usually drink Blue Top milk. But some other people drink Trim Milk which has a Green top.
What do Cows Eat?
Cows eat grass.
How is the Milk transported from the farm to the factory?
The Milks gets transported from a Fonterra to milk factories to our diaries and supermarkets.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Auckland Nines Day 2 and Finals

The Auckland Nines 2014 has now came to an end with the Warriors missing out on playing in the nines final, Losing to the Cowboys in the Second Semi Final. The Warriors were scoreless in both halves. So the Cowboys played against the Broncos in the nines Final and went to win and take out the NRL Dick Smith Auckland Nines 2014. After the final was finished they had awards to be awarded to some of those great players who participated in the Nines. Warriors Halfback Shaun Johnson got awarded the NRL Dick Smith Auckland Nines MVP for all that great work that he had put in to the Nines. Broncos also got awarded a award for coming second out of the overall Tournament. Last but no least the Cowboys got awarded the NRL Dick Smith Auckland Nines trophy. Captain of the Cowboys Gavin Cooper got awarded the trophy and celebrated with the rest of the team. There you go the NRL Dick Smith Auckland Nines is now done and dusted for 2014. 

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Auckland Nines Day 1

The Auckland Nines is going good at Eden Park there was over 50,000 people at the Nines. The Atmosphere was very good. There was only 2 people who got escorted out of the Stadium which was good. Auckland Nines is one of the biggest events Auckland has ever held. Auckland Nines was like the Rugby 7's of League because they had 2, 9 minute halves and the try scoring points were a bit different as well. There was a Bonus area were you would get more points than scoring a try some where else. The Bonus Area give you 5 points a normal ranged Try is scored as four. Can't wait for the Auckland Nines final. Wonder who's going to win? "GO THE WARRIORS!!!"

Warriors in the Auckland Nines

The Warriors are doing good so far in the NRL Auckland Nines. Warriors won all there games today against the Raiders and the Sea Eagles. The Warriors have made it into the NRL Auckland Nines finals. Shaun Johnson and Sam Tompkins had both good games in those 2 wins helping the rest of the team winning by combining with each other on the field. I am backing the Warriors to go through and win the First NRL Auckland Nines 2014. 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Narrative Writing 2

On a lovely sunny day in sydney australia, the mickelson family was having a family reunion and it was happening at bondi beach. Tim Mickelson from new zealand a nz rugby 7’s player was travelling over from new zealand when they had finished the hong kong 7’s. tim’s parent sally and michael were waiting at the sydney airport with their other children Michael jr, Boyd and Jason. Tim Mickelson arrived at the airport, he had heaps of luggage because they were staying there for 3 or 4 weeks because tim was injured. So sally, Michael and tim drove off to bondi beach where the rest of the family were. When they arrived and the beach they caught up with the rest of the family and had a little bit of a chit chat. One of tim’s closest cousins Xavier  bumped into tim and they started to hang out with each other for the day. They both did heaps of fun activities like went on a flying fox, jumping off wharfs into the water and went canoeing. But… when tim went canoeing he saw a shark as he went by and the shark started to follow tim and tim was getting scared. so… tim was going as hard as he can to get away from the great white shark and he finally did. Tim said to xavier “few”. Xavier said “ you look so tired after that fast canoeing, trying to escape from the shark”. So they carried on there family reunion and had a good time with the rest of the family.  

Narrative Writing

In Antarctica there were crowds of Mammoths trapped in the freezing Ice of Antarctica. The Mammoths were having a celebration for 20 years of the freezing Ice of Antarctica. The Mammoths were so scared because they were all stuck in the frozen Ice. A while later a man came along he was one of the members of the paparazzi. He was taking photos of the Mammoths when they were suffocating and he did nothing. The Penguins and the seals were waiting for the Mammoths to arrive but they didn’t and the Penguins and the Seals were worried. One of the Penguins said to the Seals “ Go check if they are still coming??” , The Seals went to go check. When they came back they said “ There was still no signal of them” . When the Seals and Penguins were sitting amongst the fire they heard a banging noise. They Suddenly hurried and went to search where the noise was coming from. They still couldn’t find the noise. The Penguin said “ I thought that noise was coming from the Mammoth” , “Me too” said the Seal. The Mammoths were frightened they tried anything to tried and escape but those things weren’t strong enough for the frozen Ice. During the night the Mammoths didn’t go to sleep they kept on trying to Escape. A while later one of the Mammoths Keith got out then all of them escaped. The Mammoths were screaming joyful and the Penguin and the Seals heard them and started to Celebrate the 20 years of the freezing Ice of Antarctica.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Auckland Nines

The NRL Auckland Nines is going to be one of the biggest League Tournamens in NRL history. Nines contains all 16 NRL team battling it out in only 2 days. I can't wait for the Auckland Nines