Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Narrative Writing

In Antarctica there were crowds of Mammoths trapped in the freezing Ice of Antarctica. The Mammoths were having a celebration for 20 years of the freezing Ice of Antarctica. The Mammoths were so scared because they were all stuck in the frozen Ice. A while later a man came along he was one of the members of the paparazzi. He was taking photos of the Mammoths when they were suffocating and he did nothing. The Penguins and the seals were waiting for the Mammoths to arrive but they didn’t and the Penguins and the Seals were worried. One of the Penguins said to the Seals “ Go check if they are still coming??” , The Seals went to go check. When they came back they said “ There was still no signal of them” . When the Seals and Penguins were sitting amongst the fire they heard a banging noise. They Suddenly hurried and went to search where the noise was coming from. They still couldn’t find the noise. The Penguin said “ I thought that noise was coming from the Mammoth” , “Me too” said the Seal. The Mammoths were frightened they tried anything to tried and escape but those things weren’t strong enough for the frozen Ice. During the night the Mammoths didn’t go to sleep they kept on trying to Escape. A while later one of the Mammoths Keith got out then all of them escaped. The Mammoths were screaming joyful and the Penguin and the Seals heard them and started to Celebrate the 20 years of the freezing Ice of Antarctica.

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