Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Narrative Writing 2

On a lovely sunny day in sydney australia, the mickelson family was having a family reunion and it was happening at bondi beach. Tim Mickelson from new zealand a nz rugby 7’s player was travelling over from new zealand when they had finished the hong kong 7’s. tim’s parent sally and michael were waiting at the sydney airport with their other children Michael jr, Boyd and Jason. Tim Mickelson arrived at the airport, he had heaps of luggage because they were staying there for 3 or 4 weeks because tim was injured. So sally, Michael and tim drove off to bondi beach where the rest of the family were. When they arrived and the beach they caught up with the rest of the family and had a little bit of a chit chat. One of tim’s closest cousins Xavier  bumped into tim and they started to hang out with each other for the day. They both did heaps of fun activities like went on a flying fox, jumping off wharfs into the water and went canoeing. But… when tim went canoeing he saw a shark as he went by and the shark started to follow tim and tim was getting scared. so… tim was going as hard as he can to get away from the great white shark and he finally did. Tim said to xavier “few”. Xavier said “ you look so tired after that fast canoeing, trying to escape from the shark”. So they carried on there family reunion and had a good time with the rest of the family.  

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