Thursday, 16 June 2016

Powhiri Ceremony

A Powhiri is a welcoming ceremony between the visitors and the people of the marae. This is only performed by a woman.

Yesterday before we entered the Marae all the girls were addressed to stand in the front and all the Men/Boys (Warriors) stood at the back. During the Powhiri one of the women/wahine of the Marae and said something in Maori to welcome us on the Marae and Ana-Lei who was representing our school had replied back in Maori. As we approached the Wharenui it was if we were in an army.

The Powhiri sounded like a war cry which is used to call upon soldiers to fight a battle. When a Powhiri is performed the voices of the ladies are in high pitch. During the Powhiri to me it felt as if we were in a war, but in a war of peace. The Powhiri is a very important event to the Maori people because it welcomes the visitors and takes away all the sacredness in you. This was most of the school’s first time experiencing a Powhiri.

The Powhiri was a really good experience for us that are not Maori.

My Maori Pepeha

This is my Maori pepeha we learnt at our trip to Ruapotoka Marae. Hope you enjoy it.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Prototec Stage 8 Maths Test

This was my result when I was tested on Stage 8. I managed to score 35/40 which makes me proud. This was one of my first times trying Stage 8. 

Jesus Rejected at Nazareth Presentation

This was my presentation with Manu, Motu and Wela.