Thursday, 22 August 2013

What a disaster!!!

The Rena is a big ship owned by a country called Greece. The Rena was on a beach near Mount Maunganui and Motiti Island. There was a terrible disaster where the captain took a shortcut and the Rena ran over a bunch of rocks and the rocks made a hole in the Rena. The Rena was carrying loads of containers and when the Rena got a hole almost 1700 tonnes of oil started dripping out and 1300 containers were falling off the Rena.

When the oil spilled out of The Rena the oil went all the way back to the surface and sand and thousands of birds died, that was very sad.

The Rena oil spill happened on October 5th 2011. It was a big disaster for Tauranga.  The captain of the Rena took a shortcut instead of going the way they were supposed to go. After the clean up the cleaners announced that there was still some oil left in the water. The Captain of the Rena went to jail with another men. The Rena was a bad disaster.

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