Thursday, 5 September 2013

St Pius Feast Day Recount

“Finally St Pius X feast has come I am looking forward to the exciting day that is going to be happening”.

On a very wet Friday morning we were celebrating the feast day of St Pius X who our school is named after. Instead of having prayers in class we had a beautiful mass for the feast day of St Pius X. His proper feast day is on Wednesday 21st of August but instead we celebrated it later. Our mass we had was very peaceful because we all participated in the mass well and I liked the songs we had to sing. There were a few parents there to come into the church to watch the mass, it was very cool that the parents could come and support us in our mass. In the mass we were learning about St Pius X’s life and how he was elected Pope. We also learnt that Pius was very poor and he was as the Saint of the Eucharist. It was awesome learning about St Pius X, he was a very great man that cared for the poor people.

After the beautiful mass we went in the hall to have something special to eat, the thing was cake, it was Banana cake with cream. Father came in the hall as well to have some cake with us. When they went to cut the cake some of the Year 8 girls cut it and then gave the cake out to us. After we had the cake we had morning tea.

Straight after Morning Tea we had to go to the hall for a fun concert. When we were all in the hall Room 1 and 2 started us off with a lovely song of there’s. I couldn’t wait for our turn because we were practising in class and with Miss Carter our Music teacher. We sang 2 songs that we were singing at our Kids 4 Kids concert we were singing Haere Mai and Something in the water we had 2 soloists to sing both songs the soloist for Haere Mai was Ezra and the soloist for Something in the water was Tokilupe. After we sang our both songs Room 6 sang a Tongan song called Mali Mali mai it was a cool song because everyone sang to the song even some teachers sang to it. The Room 7 presented us a song that the Year 8’s last year wrote the song was called Happy and there was a little rap in it as well. My favourite song in the concert was Room 5’s song called Paradise. Then after they finished the song we went back to class. 

After Lunch we had to go into the hall again because we had a special guest coming to teach us about an interesting instrument it was called a Euphonium it was a big, heavy and very expensive instrument. The Lady that bought the instrument was Linda Miss Logan’s daughter’s friend. Linda takes lessons for other instruments to not just the Euphonium. After she talked about the Euphonium she played some notes on the Euphonium she can play fast notes that was cool. Linda was the first Tongan lady to play the Euphonium. Linda got a volunteer the volunteer was Leone Linda showed Leone a note that she could play fast and how to hold the Euphonium and Linda told him to blow through the Euphonium and Leone tried the first time and he couldn’t but the second time he blow through it and the sound was loud. At the end Room 7 and the school sang a beautiful song to Linda to say goodbye and we also had a photo with her. After the photo with Linda we went out to the courts for the exciting Basketball tournament that the Te Rangatira group organised for us. 

I was so nervous about the Basketball tournament. The first game was Keas and Tuis. Tuis won the best part of the game was when 1 of the Keas players shooted the ball in the hoop Isaiah from the Tuis did a block it was cool. But the Tuis won 7 points to 1. The next game was my houses team Geckos vs Kiwis Geckos had heaps of tall players and skillful players. Geckos were getting heaps of goals in and the Kiwis were getting no goals. There was 1 goal when Sione Dale was behind the 3 point line and he went to shoot and he got a 3 pointer that was an amazing shoot from Sione Dale, Sione Dale scored heaps of goals he did layups and 3 pointers. I was happy because the Geckos had thrashed the Kiwis 13 points to 0 that was a good game for the Geckos. We just made the rain because after the Basketball tournament it started raining. My favourite thing on the Feast day was the Basketball tournament because my house thrashed the Kiwis and my 2 friends participated in the Basketball tournament too those 2 friends were Justin Tyler and Misiotei I wanted to participate in the Basketball tournament 2 because I like Basketball a lot because I watch it on Television and I play it at Youthtown my after school programme and at home with my friends and my Dad for a workout and to get fit. 

It was a fun St Pius X feast day with visitors coming, having a beautiful mass and a Amazing Basketball Tournament. The Best part about the Feast day was the Basketball tournament because the teams were very entertaining for the people watching. I learnt new things from the visitor and saw a new instrument that I have never seen before and heard some lovely live music which was in good tune . The songs that we sang at the concert are going to be performed again at our exciting Jam Bus that will be coming to our school to record all the songs that got performed at our St Pius X Feast day concert. I am looking forward to it because it is going to be exciting and all of our songs will be on a CD that would be given to us to remember the songs.

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