Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Theatre

I am looking forward for the Duffy Theatre because we are going to see a live show and getting entertained about reading.

On the 23rd of September straight after morning tea we were having a exciting Duffy Theatre in our school hall. Most of the school have seen a Duffy Theatre because the Duffy Theatre has been to our school before. The Duffy Theatre shows us things and facts about reading and also experiencing live acting because most of us haven't seen live acting before.

The play that the people were going to do was Duffy loses his words. The characters in the play was Mafi, Duffy, Scruffy and Vatras. Vatras is a evil guy who appeared in Duffys dreams and Vatras out a curse on Duffy. Vatras curse on Duffy was stealing Duffys words for the speech competition. Vatras left Duffy without any words to remember for his speech and Duffy was horrified. When Duffy woke up the next morning he totally forgot his words and got his friend Afi to help him. Afi was trying to help Duffy with any other way she could but they didn’t find a way to get Duffys words back they were trying and trying and trying and didn’t know any other way. Vatras left a message and told Duffy to say his name 3 times and he will appear to Duffy, So Duffy called Vatras name 3 times and Vatras appeared to Duffy. Afi said to Vatras that they were going to have a crossword battle. Afi was confident but Duffy wasn’t Afi said “ You can do this Duffy”. Vatras was keen to have a battle and Duffy then agreed. Vatras was saying questions to Duffy and Duffy had to get the answer right. Duffy was going quite well but at the end he was confused he wrote the words in Maori.
After they finished their show we could ask them some questions Vatras was NZ European from Rotoroa, Afi was Full Samoan from Otara and Duffy was Samoan from Mangere.

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