Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kids 4 Kids Yay

Finally I am so excited because we are going to practise for the Kids for Kids, it is going to be fun”

On the 13th of September my class were going to attend the Kids for Kids rehearsal. There were going to be the rest of the schools that were going to perform in the night session. We went to the Life Convention Centre to rehearse for it. We went on a bus to the Life Convention Centre that was the only transport we could go on. I was excited because I had never been to the Life Convention Centre so I was looking forward to going there. We were rehearsing for it because there was going to be a night session as well and that was going to be the real one. There were a lot of schools there , there were about 15 schools most of the students were Year 5 and 6.

When we got there a lady called Dayna escorted us into the Convention Centre, she also told us where to sit so we would know where to sit in the night session. I was sitting in row 2 on the wooden seating which were wobbly. We saw Mrs Carter with Sancta Maria School, Mrs Carter teachers our school and Sancta Maria as well.  

Nathan King and Jackie Clarke were there because they were going to sing with us, also there was another guy called Chris, he gave us actions to do during the songs and to play the piano. Chris also told us to wear some bright coloured clothes and to wear some clothes that will not make us feel hot because there will be a lot of lights and the lights will reflect on us and it will be hot. The first song we sang with Nathan was Haere Mai and it was kind of easy because we have been practising for a while on that song. Chris gave us different actions and movements to Six Months In a Leaky Boat because in my class we have different movements and actions.  

We were very confident singing most of the songs that showed that all of the students practised hard. While we had our morning tea break the soloists went to audition. We had 1 soloist that made it through it was Rosalina she made it in to sing solo for Weather with you and she was amazing. The first solo song we sang was Maybe Tomorrow the soloists were from the same schools they must be good singers at their school. After the soloists finished singing their songs we sang. The most confident song that we sang was Something in the Water, it is also a famous song from Brooke Fraser it is very famous in New Zealand. After Something in the Water we sang Wonky Donkey but it was normally not us it was the Narrator. Chris was playing the Piano for Wonky Donkey, he was playing it faster, faster and faster.  

When Kanesini went to audition for the Ukulele player she got the chords to play and she had already had practise it in class and with Mrs Carter in music time. When we were going to sing Poi E Chris got some girls to do the Poi and just 2 boys that would break dance. My Favourite song in the Rehearsal was Selfish Shellfish because I was singing loud and proud to it. After the rehearsal was finished we went back to school on the bus.

When we got to school we got to have extra time of playing because we didn’t make it to play at big lunch.

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