Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Filming Reflection

Our Films that we have been working on and filming is going to be shown at the movies and in the Manaiakalani film festival. In my class we got into groups and started filming it and organising the film on a storyboard, the theme for our movie is Success. The Manaiakalani Film Festival is when schools in the Tamaki area create films that have to be 3 minutes or lower, if the films are over 3 minutes the rest of the film will be cut off and won’t be shown in the Festival.

The things that we are showing in Success is having success in Sport, Music, Academic and Achieving Goals. The Director in each group was like the Boss organising the film, where it was going to be set and what was going to happen in the film. In my film we had 4 students, 1 teacher and 1 teacher Aide. The Main Character in my group was the Teacher because he was telling the students to finish our work on time.

Some of the groups filmed on their own and some filmed with the Teacher. The Camera Operator in my group was the Teacher because she was helping us and she filmed it. After our film finished the Director in my group went with the Teacher and went and edited the movie. They had to check for any mistakes and discuss if they could make the filming better. We put some words at the bottom to say what was happening.

The order of the Movie was the Goals first the Academic second the Music third and the Sport last and then the ways how to celebrate Success.

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