Friday, 2 August 2013

The Rainbow Bird

Parrot                           White Bearded

Years ago in South America there was a story that was set in a forest there were birds that were wanting to be colourful. Some of them were grey, black and white. They were jealous of nature because nature was very colourful and they weren’t.

The Birds were trying everything to get colour on themselves, they splashed berries on themselves, they rubbed flower petals on them and also rubbed leaves on themselves as well.

Every afternoon when it rained a Rainbow would show up in the sky. They loved the Rainbow so much that they wanted to be like the Rainbow. They wished and wished and wished that they would be colourful. Then one afternoon when the Rainbow showed in the sky it was all dirty and dark.

Suddenly they saw a bright light coming from the sky and it was a bird called a Phoenix, The Phoenix told some of the birds to follow him because the Rainbow was dying so the birds followed the Phoenix.When they were near the Rainbow they saw Roaches eating it. The Birds and Roaches were having a fight and they were struggling because they were flying to much.  There were thousands of Roaches and maybe 50 or 100 birds. The Bird’s won so the Rainbow went back to normal and the Bird’s flew through the rainbow and turned into colourful birds and were very happy.

When they went back down to the tree the other birds were very jealous about them having colour on them. The black and white birds were so jealous and wished they had gone with the Phoenix and the other birds.

The thing that the person was trying to tell us is to always help people in need and help others and support others all the time. My Favourite part of the Rainbow Bird Story was when the bird’s flew through the Rainbow and were colorful

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