Sunday, 17 November 2013

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2013

“I could feel the nerves in my stomach, the nerves were getting worse” .

On Wednesday the 13th of November we were be going to the Manaiakalani Film Festival. I was so excited because I was going to be a presenter with Alecia for my classes Movie. Finally we arrived at Sylvia Park. We were going to be attending the morning session. The Schools that were attending the morning session were Glen Innes and St Pius. First Mr Coakley did the Introduction. Me and Alecia were going to be the first ones to present our movie ‘Success’.  So when we were standing on the stage we could hear screaming as we were in place. It was fun presenting because this has been the first time presenting.

Then we saw Samantha and Fiapo presenting Room 1’s and 2’s movie about Te Reo Maori. Their movie was cool learning and understanding the colours in Maori. My favourite Movie in our theatre was Lookdown by Room 6 because it was very funny. There was one part where Leki shot the ball at the hoop and it went down the hill. Mr Slade had their Basketball and freaked out Leki and Simione. Then Miss G told us that we had to go to the Extreme Big Screen theatre where Panmure Bridge, Stonefields and Glenbrae were so we could present our movie there too.

I was so amazed how big the screen was compared to the last theatre’s screen. I was so excited because I really enjoy presenting our movie. When we got up on the stage a few people shouted out my name in the crowd. It was so cool the people knew my name in the crowd, that made me confident. Miss G told us that we were going in the other theatre again, this was the last time we were going to present until the Evening session. I was happy because we were presenting the last time in the morning session because it was a long day for Me and Alecia, we stayed there for about 3 hours morning till lunch time. I was glad Mr Coakley said “ We are going back to School now”. We arrived at school at it was nearly lunch time.

Finally it was the night session. Me and Mum headed of to the Sylvia Park Hoyts to attend the night session. When we got there we had to meet up with Miss G. We were waiting for a long time for Miss G. Finally Miss G arrived at Hoyts and she said that I was presenting the Sommerville Movie as well also Alecia had to present for them also. We had to wait for the other presenters to arrive. Then all the presenters stayed with Miss G to get ready to go in the theatre because it was going to begin soon.

Finally we started to go in the theatre and get in order to present. I was getting nervous because there were heaps of people in the audience. When everyone in the crowd settled down it started to begin. Me and Alecia were the first ones up. While we were saying our parts a few people from the audience shouted our names out, that made me confident on the stage. When it came to my next part I was the only one. I was presenting for Sommerville Special School, their Movie was called ‘Change’ it was about being good when they are having a reliever in your classroom. Not long after that Alecia presented for Sommerville, the movie she was presenting was ‘Our Dog Meg’ it was about their Pet Dog Meg and how they treat Meg.

My favorite Movie in the Night Session was Faith and Harmony, ‘Friends’ because it was a Music Video. That was a long Night Session, I was so tired.

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