Sunday, 10 November 2013

Prompt Practice 6

“ Come on Poppy lets go to the beach” said Katie excitedly.
On a dry Saturday afternoon Katie and her pet dog Poppy were ready to go to the beach. So they packed up their stuff and headed off to the beach. They arrived at the beach, “ Poppy I will go get a stick for you” said Katie, “Roof Roof” barked Poppy. Katie found a stick so she threw it. poppy chased it, Poppy saw another dog with the stick, So Poppy tried to pull it off the other dog. Poppy was wrestling with the dog trying to get the stick but she couldn’t get the stick off the dog. Katie was worried that Poppy was out a long time finding the stick so she went to see where Poppy was. “ Poppy where are you” Shouted Katie. Katie could hear a bark coming from the far distance so she went to check. There was Poppy fighting and wrestling with the dog. The owner of the other dog came over and said “ Hi is that your Dog” Katie said “ Yes” . I saw my dog come over and fight over the stick with the dog. They both laughed “ HahaHa”. So they both went to play with each other and had loads of fun.

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