Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Catholic's School Day

On Catholic School day we had a lovely mass to start off with, when all the kid’s could show their talent. It was a very good mass because we got to celebrate it with St Josephs school from Orakei. After the mass we had lunch and we got to play with the other kids at lunch time. I was playing with heaps of St Joseph’s  boy’s. My buddy was Ben, I played with him at lunch time and we were playing touch and kicks with the rugby ball. The best part about the day was going to the concert there was lot’s of  great talent’s at the concert. My class was doing a item we were doing our cup song that we wrote at did and we also performed it at our assembly that we had not long ago. My favorite one was count on me by St Joseph’s because there was heaps of participation all the kids we performing on the stage. St Joseph’s school only go up to year 6 only because they are a small school.  They sang a song from Bruno Mars which was Count on me.  My favorite item from St Pius was one of Room 7’s because they were playing the ukulele at is was very unique from the other item’s they did. There were very good item’s from both school’s. St Joseph’s did a Tongan song called Mali Mali Mai I knew the song because I learnt to sing the song when I was in a different class, I also knew a song the Room 7 sang Let it go I learnt the song when we took Music lessons. The final item was Hamba Gahle we sang to St Joseph’s before they were leaving they waved at us and we waved back.

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