Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend's Day

Learn: WRITING FOCUS:   To write a explanation/description  of your Soul Friend.
  • To use interesting words in your writing.
  • To ensure your writing make sense.
  • To ensure you use punctuation correctly.

Today was our Soul Friend’s Mass. In our school we have Soul Friends which is a friendship between two people one older and one younger. We were introduced to Soul Friends by the Holy Faith Sisters who started our school.

My Soul Friend is Maraia and she is in Room 1. She loves Maths and also Loves Reading. She is my reading buddy and I hope to be a role model to her by encouraging her to do the best she can.  

To me having a Soul Friend is like having another little brother and sister or having a bigger brother and sister. I say this because if we are feeling down or unsure of something we can go to them for support and comfort.

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  1. Nice Patrick, proud of you for being a mentor, role model and big brother to Maraia