Friday, 11 March 2016

Mr Archibald- Structure of a Narrative Writing

I am showing you that I can Identify the structure of a Narrative by using the text I read
Text: Mr Archibald
Personal Comment: I really enjoyed this book because it is explains a typical Father Son relationship. 
Where did it take place: When did it happened:  Who is in the story?

Who? Edward, Edward’s Dad and  Mr Archibald (The shopkeeper)

Where? This took place outside of Mr Archibald’s shop/store.


COMPLICATION - What is the problem?

Edward is frustrated with his Dad because his Dad wouldn’t sign him up with the Army to fight.

SEQUENCE OF EVENT - Plot -  What happened in sequence?  You can bullet point the main events.

  1. Edward kicks the gravel ground and walks off because he is fed up with his Dad.
  2. Edward walked past Mr Archibald’s store where Mr Archibald realised that Edward was angry at something or someone.
  3. Edward said to Mr Archibald that his Dad was a coward.
  4. Mr Archibald told Edward a story about the Boer War which Edward’s father and Mr Archibald were in.
  5. Mr Archibald sad that it’s hard to think about the war and to think that he and Edward’s father were considered murderers.
  6. Edward was appreciated by the message Mr Archibald told him.
RESOLUTION - How was the problem solved?

Edward realised that his father wasn’t a coward and was very brave with what he done during his life and Edward was proud with his Dad’s role in the Army.


Edward thanked Mr Archibald for telling him his story then later walked back home.

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  1. It's pleasing to read about your learnings in Narrative writing Patrick and remember that the more you read and understand what you're reading the better you become at writing and telling the story in your own words. Keep it up son.