Friday, 4 March 2016

Sports Day- Structure of a Narrative

I am posting this because I am showing you the evidence that I am able to Identify the Structure of a Narrative Writing by using the text I read.

Story: Sports Day
Task: To identify the structure of the narrative story.

ORIENTATION - Where, When, Who

When: The story began when she woke up in the morning.

Who: Grace and her Mum where the characters in this story. During the sports day there were 3 more characters Mrs Miller, Justin and Emma.  Also some of the kids who were involved with their sports day.

Where: The Story took place firstly in her house. Later on she had arrived at school for her sports day and was on the school field.  

COMPLICATION - What is it?
No one actually thought much of Grace’s sporting ability and they disliked her.

SEQUENCE OF EVENT - Plot -  What happened in sequence?  You can bullet point the main events.

  1. Grace hoped that it would rain because she didn’t enjoy sports and didn’t want to go Sports day.
  2. She arrived at school and watched the other kids play
  3. She was chosen by Emma to be in Emma’s team for Baseball.
  4. She had saw the ball was coming for her and had attempted to catch it with Emma approaching the ball as well.
  5. Grace opened her hands and had caught the ball comfortably in her hands while Emma was stung by a bee and fell.

RESOLUTION - How was the problem solved?

Everyone cheered for Grace and Grace builded confidence to play sports.


Grace had caught the ball and had threw it back to the home base while her team were cheering and the opposition were gutted yet surprised.

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