Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hokulea Welcoming

When we arrived at the beautiful calm waters of Tamaki Estuary  I was amazed at the number of schoolkids that were there for the arrival of the Hokulea boat .
Unfortunately the senior school walked to Pt England, we arrived at 9:10. After we all settled down we waited in silence for a while then sang E oho which was the welcome song for the Hokulea Crew. For the past 2 weeks we have been practising the 3 songs (E oho ra, Nga Waka Kupu and He Honore). During the Welcoming of the Hokulea Crew Justin and other students from other schools in the Manaiakalani Cluster lead us in Welcoming the Hokulea Crew with a Haka. After the amazing welcome to the Hokulea Crew the Hokulea Crew member's said some words on behalf of the whole crew. After the Hokulea Crew introduced themselves we sung the Waiata Song He Honore, I liked the Waiata Song; therefore I have sung it many other times. After the Waiata song was the chance for all the schools from the Manaiakalani Cluster to shake the hands of the Hokulea Crew and also some of the kids who lead us in the first song E oho. After we shook the Hokulea Crew’s hands we got together as a school and relaxed for a little bit. Not long after the senior school were about to walk but then…, Mr Gaffney had said to us that there was a spear bus that couldn’t fit all of Room 1 so Room 7 and some of Room 6 squashed into the bus. I really Enjoyed the welcome of the Hokulea Crew and Boat because it was interesting how Hokulea was a part of naming our cluster and the hook of Maui (Manaiakalani).  

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