Thursday, 19 November 2015

My Sailing Experience

We were all really looking forward to what was planned this afternoon.

It was a windy day which was great weather conditions for sailing. We were all really excited to be going sailing. This was all part of our activity days. The first group went in the morning and the second group (my group) went later in the afternoon.

Finally we had arrived and we went to get ready and got changed into our lifejacket and our warm waterproof jacket. We all couldn’t wait to get in our boats and sail. Our instructor Reuben had told us a few rules and had showed us how to control our yacht. We had got into pairs in our yachts and had pushed our yachts out into the water. One person in each yacht was going to be controlling the yacht and the other person judges the wind by pulling the sail.

We were out on the water and Reuben had instructed us to go to a yellow point, so Me and Misiotei rushed for the yellow point. It was a great experience especially when our yacht was about to sink. Catherine and Lupe were the first to the yellow point.

Our last task was to go for the white point which was closer to shore. I was in control and headed straight to the white point. Yay!!! in excitement me and Misiotei were the first pair to the white point. Unfortunately it was the end for our Sailing session and we had to get changed and go back to school.

It was a awesome experience and I wish to go sailing again.


  1. Wow Patrick, sounds like you had a fun day. Great to read you enjoyed the experience of sailing.

  2. Nice write up son. I was glad to be able to finish early to watch you sailing too & I took some mean pics too. You guys were way out in the ocean alright, Awesome stuff son!