Friday, 19 August 2016

I found a strange package by the door... (Narrative Writing)

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I found a strange package by the door which came from an anonymous company and I felt a bit curious of where it came from. I thought it was a bomb because I have read articles about strange packages arriving at random doors which have bombs inside them. The package said it was for Pat. I thought to myself “should I open it??”, indeed I did. I opened it with caution, I opened it up and there was another layer of wrapping paper and it said Thanks for everything you’ve done for us, it showed the address and it was an address from America, Cleveland Ohio perhaps. I then opened the layer and I saw a box of Kyrie Irving Shoes, a Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey and some free tickets to a game in Cleveland with the accommodation sorted and 5000 dollars  spending money. I was filled with joy, but why was I gifted this?? I now remembered I entered a draw to win some Cavaliers gear and all you had to do was write a short description of why you support the Cavs. this was like Christmas, I was really pleased.


  1. Nice story son & byour grammar & punctuation is improving, well done

  2. Hi Patrick

    I enjoyed reading your narrative writing because you used great sentence structure to make your writing sound awesome.Nice work.

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  3. Hey Sole
    Nice writing, I really like the way you used great vocab, and also good punctuation, Keep up the good work.
    Kyrie Irving