Thursday, 17 November 2016

Technology Lesson Experience (Ice Cream in a Bag)

Ice Cream at Tech.JPGThe most divine cure for any unhappy person… ICE CREAM!!!. Yesterday at tech we made Ice Cream in a bag, I was so excited. Mr Swift (our cooking teacher) gave us some instructions to follow while making the Ice Cream and he gave us the recipe. We had separate bags for the Ice and the Salt and the mixture. In the mixture was Cream, Vanilla Essence and Coconut Milk. After we had all the ingredients set we put them in 2 plastic bags and continuously shook the bag for several minutes to form the Ice Cream.

We stopped shaking the bag “Phew”. We took the Ice Cream out of the bag and placed the Ice Cream in a bowl for all of my group to share. The taste of the Ice Cream was actually nicer than I expected, it had the creamy Vanilla flavour which was nice. The only downfall with the Ice Cream was the amount of Salt we put in, it was a bit salty and I thought we should’ve only put a small portion of salt. The overall review of this lesson was great. I learnt heaps of things and I also learnt a more simple way of making Ice Cream. Making Ice Cream in a bag save much more power.

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