Monday, 18 February 2013

Holiday Recount

“I’m so excited” I said  “ Me too “ said my friend. Me and my Youth Town Holiday Program went to G.I pools during the holidays.

On a hot day during the holidays Me and my Youth Town  group finally  arrived at the pools. We got changed into our togs before we hopped in the pool, the pool was warm. After That we were playing swimming races, I was in one of them, I came 1st and I was so happy. We had heaps of swimming races there, there were lots of good swimmers. Suddenly we could do bombs off the edge next to the pool, my friend and I did massive bombs in the water. Next me and my friend saw the staff having swimming races and those races were really close.

After that we had to hop out off the pool because we were leaving soon. The boys got their bags and got changed in the changing rooms. Soon as they all got changed and we hopped on the bus and went back to Youth Town. We were so tired after all that swimming.

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