Monday, 18 February 2013

Silly Story

Silly Story
A Gingerbread  man and his friend were walking to the Panmure library. They were looking for some exciting books to read. Finally they found the book that they wanted to read the  book was about a hidden treasure, they were so excited. The Gingerbread man walked back to his house and went in his room and read the book. Suddenly he saw that the story was true, it explained in the book that the treasure was hidden in the sand at the beach.

The next day the Gingerbread man told his friend that the treasure was hidden in the sand at the beach and they both got excited. They went to the beach and they dug up the sand and tried to find the treasure but they still couldn’t find it. Finally they went back to their house they thought that the book was not true.

Suddenly the Gingerbread man woke up and had breakfast and went with his Dad to go pick up his friend so they could go to the beach again. “Finally we’re there” shouted the Gingerbread man as soon as they hopped out of the car. They dug up the sand, they were very sweaty but they never gave up. Next they had lunch, they had sandwiches but the Gingerbread man had only half of his sandwich. Finally they went back and kept on digging, their was one hole that they dug deep. After they finished digging their hole and it was deep as they were they felt something, it was hard so they both got a rope and pulled it up. They both knew what it was it was a treasure chest. It came with a key so they opened it and there was heaps of shiny treasure.

They went back to  their  house’s and were both excited about finding the treasure.

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