Thursday, 28 March 2013

Athletics Day

After morning tea I was so excited because we were having our school Athletics. This year we were having gazebos to sit under on the field. My house colour is green and our gazebo was green. I was so nervous about racing, I was in the 8 year old race. When the bell rang we had to get in our houses and follow our leaders to the field.

First Miss G said for the 9 year old’s to go to the high jump. After that I took the junior Geckos to the racing track. First up were the 5 year old girls, I was cheering for the 5 year old girls from the Geckos. The 5 year old boys were ready to race, there were a lot of fast boys in their race. Finally the 7 year old boys were racing, I was cheering for Beni and in his races he came 2nd and 3rd. Eventually it was my race and I was in the 50 m, 75 m and 100 meter races. I came 1st in all my races, I told my Mum and she was very proud of me.

Next Miss G told us to go under our gazebos and told us to watch the seniors finish their activities.  Finally it was lunch time and I really wanted to get a drink.  I was watching the high jump, there were a lot of good jumpers there. They were having the finals for the 9 year olds during Lunch. In the final there was Albert, Alecia and Richie. The final jumper was Albert who got it and he came 1st, Richie came 2nd and Alecia came 3rd. They were all from the Tuis. The Tuis were so proud of them and they were cheering loud.

During morning tea I was watching the 10 year old high jump final and Misiotei came 1st, Catherine came 2nd and Frank came 3rd. The juniors were watching the seniors doing there Athletics once they finished their races.

Finally it was lunchtime and we had to go back to our class and have lunch. I was so tired but we had running after lunch.  I had such a wonderful day and loved the 2013 Athletics.

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