Wednesday, 20 March 2013


Yellow bellied snakes are sea snake’s, you normally  find them in the sea. Sometimes they get washed out to the sand. A man found a Yellow Bellied snake in some seaweed on a beach and he didn't know if it was alive or if it was dead. He didn't pick it up with his hands, he picked it up with a stick just in case.

Yellow Bellied snakes eat fish, eggs and small fish including eels. Yellow bellied snake’s are more poisonous than Cobras.

People don’t normally find snake’s in New Zealand, normally you would find snake’s in Australia and America.

One girl in NZ took a yellow bellied snake to her school and a Newspaper and cameraman came and a TV reporter came as well and took a picture of them holding the snake. They tried  to smile but they didn’t know if the snake was alive or not. Yellow bellied snake can swim under the water for up to 3 hours then they have to come back up again. It paralyses it’s prey with venom before swallowing it whole. Yellow bellied snakes use their tails as paddle when they are under the sea.

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  1. That Is amazing Patrick.I feel like not going to the beach now.But next time you might want to take a picture of the snake only not other pictures cause you took a picture of the new tab.But I really liked It NICE WORK!!!!!