Thursday, 11 July 2013

Term 2 thinking

My Favourite thing this term was Swimming because I liked learning new things in the pool with the instructor. Swimming was the coolest thing this Term but the instructor weren’t here for a long time. I like Swimming because it helps me survive in the water and we also get free time after the swimming lessons with the instructor. Now the instructors don’t teach in the water the teachers let us have free time in the pool for most of the time. If people are not swimming they have to stay in the class and do work or they can play out on the court. The Swimming pool is 15 meters long and 1 meter deep. The Swimming pool is in a marquee and there is are steeps for you to get in the pool. The water in the pool is sometimes very warm or sometimes very cold. When it is free time we can also have breathing competitions and also have races I like competing in races because it is very fun. My Favourite thing in the pool to do is to float on the surface of the water. We also get into groups to race over to the other side of the pool and we have to try and hold our breath in the water for a long time.  

My least favourite thing this Term was the Cookie Protector building because it was very hard to organise it and build the Construction. We went into pairs and My Partner was Misiotei we built a castle. I wasn’t used to building stuff with paper, straw, cellotape and string. We had to use those stuff to build the Construction it was very difficult. We had to plan it first on a paper before we built the Construction. Most of the people in My class were building traps. We had to build our Construction somewhere around the classroom away from other people. We built our

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