Thursday, 14 May 2015

First Swimming Lesson Experience

On a hot afternoon it was time for a refreshing swim. Today was Room 7’s first swimming lesson with the instructor’s. When I heard the instructor’s were going to be there I was excited because I wanted to learn new skills in swimming and to experience being taught by a professional swimming instructor. When we were going into the water I expected it to be warm but actually it felt cold when I got in the pool. Firstly 4 people had to be in the pool at a time because we were going to be assessed in what level we were in it was either Level 1 or Level 2. When I was being assessed I was with Frank where we were being assessed by Emma (The Lady Instructor).

After everyone was assessed we were going to be put into groups to see what we need to learn. I was in Level 2 with Pepe, Albert, Misiotei, Justin, Frank and Joshua, our instructor was Pam. Finally we got to get into our actual swimming lesson. Our First Step was to glide on the water and to kick to the other side of the ball with the floating boards. I enjoy gliding on the water because it feels like I am flying but flying on water. Emma taught us how to do the Dolphin, I found the Dolphin interesting because it was like you were like a dolphin going as deep as you can in the water. My Favourite skill of the swimming lesson was the Front stroke because I like watching professional swimmers such as Michael Phelps do Front stroke to a long distance. I really enjoyed our first swimming lesson because I got to learn some intelligent skills, I can’t wait to learn some more amazing skills. This was a great experience for me.

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