Friday, 28 August 2015

Cross Country 2015

Cross Country Recount

“ Cheering, Motivation and tired people was the sign of this years SPX Cross Country”

On a spectacular afternoon our whole school was preparing for our whole school Cross Country. The weather had turned out to be beautiful for our whole school Cross Country.

Firstly slightly before Cross Country was about to start Misiotei, Frank, Seuati, Justin, Chris, Anthony, Manu and I went to set up the Chairs and all the other stuff for the parents and judges to sit on to spectate our cross country.

Finally the first race had started so Mr Slade and Manu announced that the Rooms 1 and 4 were going to be running first. Standing there nervous I was waiting for my race to be announced by Mr Slade and Manu. Finally Mr Slade and Manu announced that my race would be starting soon which was the Year 7&8. I was very nervous waiting for the sign to run, Finally Manu had shouted “Go!!!” so all of them had darted off were I just jogged at the back and paced myself.  

Later on in my first I was jogging alongside Hola, Lupe and Salote until I had passed them and was trying seize up to Justin. Suddenly I was just behind Justin and still paced myself into my Second lap. Just inside the second lap I passed Justin and was feeling the tiredness dragging me across the concrete.

Finally I had finished the Cross Country course (we did 2 and a half laps). I had come First in the Year 7 race, JT had came Second and Joshua had came Third. After all the weary moments in Cross Country for 2015 we all settled down to wait for the Points decision winner which was all combined from Organisation Points, the best chant and also the results from the race.
It was a awesome run!! it was more awesome because my Dad came to support me.

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