Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Revolution Group Visit!!!

“ We were in for a party when we heard that the Revolution Group was coming to our school”

After Lunch time on our feast day the Revolution Group came to visit us to tell us a few tips on not to bully each other. There were about 7- 10 members that came to our school to speak to us. Firstly they had told us that we were going to have fun and we did indeed. They had told us that some of the students that wanted to dance would get the chance to dance, so 2 students from our class Albert and Justin went up with a couple of younger students. It was fun watching them freestyle dance because they were dancing to the famous song “ Watch Me”. So after they busted a few of their dance moves it came to the actual reason on why they came to our school. One of the ladies had introduced herself and talked about her life as a kid. She had said that her life as a Kid was really depressing because being a Fijian herself she had said that most Fijian Girls hair will shape as a afro which her hair did. So she explained how everyday constantly she would be mocked and being called names just because of her hair looks. She had pointed that everyone may not look the same but actually we were created in the image of God and were choose to be the equal. She had gave us 3 steps when we see this type of situation. 2 of those steps was to say Sorry (Apologise) and to get 3 friends and not 3 friends to smash or beat up that person but to comfort that person that is being bullied or telling the bully to stop and think about their actions in what they are doing.

After that we were in for some more fun. They had sung us a few songs from artists we listen to such as Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and they had performed a dance to the famous song from Bruno Mars which was “Uptown Funk”. I was impressed in all their dance moves.

Sadly After that the fun visit came to an end and they gave away a few of their free stuff they had and then we all headed back to our classrooms.

What a great afternoon!

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