Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Best Writing for Term 1 2016

Title: Hiking at Undertaker’s Private Island (Narrative Writing)
Date: 14/04/16

My  Reasons on why this is my Best Writing for this Term:
  1. This is a good piece of Writing because I used effective Vocabulary
  2. This is a good piece of Writing because I used punctuation correctly
  3. This is a good piece of Writing because I structured it out like a Narrative Writing ( It has a Beginning,Orientation,Problem,Resolution and a Conclusion)

It was James and Jessica’s first time Hiking it was a totally different experience for them. After recently getting married they applied for a “Win yourself a Surprise day out voucher” which was sponsored by Interislander a Cruising Ship franchise. They received a message saying that they have won it and they were both very much excited.They were told that their Ferry would be leaving at Approximately 10 am. They arrived at the Britomart Ferry terminal and were set to take off to their surprising location.

They arrived at their location and were informed by the Ferry Captain that they were entering Undertaker’s/Dead Man’s Private Island. They were also informed that there waiting for them was Matthew who was one of the staff at the Hotel there that was called “Dead Man’s Hutt”, Matthew would help them with their accommodation. They had got off the Ferry and had hiked through the Private Island, they noticed that there were no maps seen anywhere which was a huge problem for them. Also being a surprise day out they weren’t prepared for what was going to be happening, going Hiking they had to make sure they had plenty of water but again they were not informed that they were going to go hiking. They again continued to walk on through the Private Island. All they could hear were birds whistling away in the trees, THEN SUDDENLY they could smell something that smelt similar to Cat poo and the sound of someone walking secretly behind them. They looked back quickly and saw a man who had ripped clothes and no shoes on.

They had a conversation with each other and the man had been living at the Private Island for over a decade. James said to him “Is there any hotel located on this Island” The Man whose name was Kevin had said “No there isn’t why?” James replied “We have been told that there is a hotel located on this island called (DEAD MAN’S HUT), Kevin said “You have been fooled”. James and Jessica didn’t know any way to exit the Island so Kevin led them to a boat which has been on the Island for emergencies and had drove them on the boat back to the Britomart Ferry Terminal.

They had a negotiation with the Ferry company and had received 2 tickets to Hawaii for their special vacation. James and Jessica were so happy and had left for the airport while Kevin had found his own place in the city of Auckland.

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