Friday, 6 May 2016

Holiday Writing

The Jungle Book was originally a cartoon in the mid 1960’s but when I heard this was going to be a movie I was determined to go and see it.
We finally arrived at the Sylvia Park Hoyts Cinemas I was so moved. We made it into the cinema, I had a feeling it was going to be busy because it was the first day it was released and it was also the first session of the day. We got our tickets and settled into our seats, me and my Dad were surprised because we were seated in the “BIG EXTREME SCREEN CINEMA”  

The Jungle Book was a story about a young boy named Mowgli who was raised by a pack of wolves. He was originally living in the man village when a wild tiger attacked his caregiver and left Mowgli in the man village all by himself. The Red Flower is a thing that can overpower any animal in the wild, when this occurs someone from the man village carries a fire torch which spreads the red flower into the wild and can kill animals by the fire touching any part of them.  

My favourite part of the movie was when Mowgli met a big grizzly bear, at first he thought he was dangerous but the bear turned out to be really friendly. Mowgli met the bear while he was on his way to the man village. The saddest part was when Akela (one of the leaders of the wolf pack) was killed by the wild Tiger because the Tiger was frustrated that Mowgli could escape from him. To conclude this I think Jungle Book was a really cool movie because all the effort put into the movie all made it look so real with all the effects. This had to be the favourite movie I have watched and the best thing that happened in the holiday.

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  1. Nice review son & yes it was an awesome movie. I enjoyed how realistic all the animals were. Mean special affects for animated movies toady compared to when I was a kid when they were good at the time but not by today's standards