Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Road Show Experience

Today was My Class (Room 7’s) and Room 5’s first Science Experiment Show at Tamaki College. In this Science Experiment we witnessed different features of Science such as explosions, volume and how different things reacted to each other.

We individually toured around all the scientific examples placed out. The Station I was attracted to the most was how the bike worked when the gears were being changed. I was also attracted to the ball throwing station which calculated the result the speed of the ball when it was being thrown.

The Instructors had frequently mentioned about 3D printers which fascinated me because one of the instructors had said that people in China had connected a 3D printer to a concrete maker which together combined construct a 10 houses a day.   

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  1. Hi son please proof read your work before posting, last paragraph. Other than that, well done