Friday, 6 May 2016

My Mother- Descriptive Writing

If it wasn’t for Mothers we wouldn’t be alive. So Mothers are really special people in our lives and we have to be grateful for them.
My Mother’s name is Joyce and is the mother of 4 kids including me. She inspires me to do the best I can do in my learning.  

She is the most supportive lady in my life and I am truly grateful for all the things she has done for me. She is my angel and will forever be my angel. I know she is the most supportive lady in my life because every Saturday at my League games she is always there no matter what cheering for my team and motivates us to do the best we can and I am always willing to make her proud within sport and school .

She is a rather tanned person and stands at an average height. She has dark black hair that hangs below her shoulders.  Most times my Mum isn’t at home because she looks after my Nana who has dementia and isn’t able to walk. I miss my Mum heaps during the week but it’s good to know that My Nana is well looked after.
My Mother is the most important lady in my life and I will love her forever.


  1. Great work Patrick
    I like the way you started off with a statement and ended off with tell us how much you love her and how much she is important in your life.
    Keep it up DOXZ

  2. Beautiful Writing Pat,

    I like how your writing made sense, and how you explained what your mother looks like, hope you guys had a awesome mothers day.

  3. Very well written son. A fitting tribute to your Mum as she deserves